Netherlands national American football team

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Netherlands Netherlands
Left arm Body Right arm
Left arm Body Right arm
Association AFBN
Region Europe (EFAF)
Founded 1987
IFAF Affiliation
Colors Orange, Blue, White
Head coach Winston Ronde
Team manager Claudio Bartolozzi
Netherlands national American football team
Medal record
American football
Competitor for  Netherlands
Bronze 1991 Finland European Championship
Bronze 2012 Austria/Switzerland European C Group Championship

The Dutch Lions is the Dutch national American Football team. The team represents the Netherlands in international competition and is made up entirely of Dutch national players, typically but not exclusively playing in the AFBN and GFL competitions.


The Lions first competed internationally in 1986. After failing to progress further than the first qualification round in 1987 (in Finland) and 1989 (in Germany), they achieved a 3rd place finish in the 1991 European Championship in Finland. However, after failing to qualify for the tournament in 1993, combined with upheaval at home within the Dutch governing bodies, the Dutch National Team was to face a long absence from international competition.

Nine years after their previous incarnation, the Dutch returned to the international American Football scene in 2002 under the name Dutch Lions, finishing 5th in the 2003 EFAF C Group European Championship in Denmark after losses to Russia and Italy. Two more losses, this time to Switzerland and Norway in the 2007 EFAF C Group European Championship, led to another 5th place. Five years later, the Lions improved on those results by finishing 3rd in the 2012 EFAF C Group Championship, this time in Austria, with a close loss to Serbia and a win over Russia.

In 2013 and 2014, the Lions played a series of practice games against Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Catalonia, losing only the game against Czech Republic in Prague.

As of late 2014, the Netherlands are preparing for the next EFAF C Group European Championship tournament to be held in 2015. The Dutch Lions have never qualified for the IFAF World Championship.

Current Playing Squad[edit]

2014 Dutch National American Football Team Playing Squad (vs Catalonia)

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Linemen

Special Teams

Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs

Current Coaching Staff[edit]

Name Position
Winston Ronde Head coach
Pepijn Mendonca Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach
Mark Bron Receiver Coach
Pascal Matla Offensive Line coach
Michel van Rijswijck Running Backs Coach
Ronald Hein Special Teams Coach
Steve Sheppard Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach
Djindra Ramsahai Linebacker Coach
Reyhan Agaoglu Defensive Backs Coach
Orlando Mercelina Strength & Conditioning Coach

Current Support Staff[edit]

Name Position
Claudio Bartolozzi Team Manager
Dave Sahalessi Asst. Team Manager
Dennis Hemelrijk Equipment Manager
Yelmar Opstal Equipment Manager
Mailys Petrini Physio
Jeffrey Klauwer Physio
Kay Constandse Film Crew
Nienke Kers Film Crew

All time results[edit]

Date Opponent Venue Result Competition Result
02-11-1986 United Kingdom Great Britain Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, GB
EFAF European Championship Qualifier Loss [1]
16-11-1986 United Kingdom Great Britain "The Queen's own" Field, Soesterberg, NL
EFAF European Championship Qualifier Loss [2]
16-08-1991 United Kingdom Great Britain Unknown Stadium, Finland
EFAF European Championship Semi-final Loss [3]
1991 France France Unknown Stadium, Finland
EFAF European Championship 3rd Place Win [4]
29-10-2002 Germany GERManiacs (German Universities) Den Haag, Netherlands
Exhibition match Win [5]
29-07-2003 Russia Russia Glostrup Stadion, Denmark
EFAF C Group Championship Loss [6]
31-07-2003 Italy Italy Glostrup Stadion, Denmark
EFAF C Group Championship Loss [7]
14-08-2007 Switzerland Switzerland Sportstadion Wolfsberg, Austria
EFAF C Group Championship Loss [8]
16-08-2007 Norway Norway Sportstadion Wolfsberg, Austria
EFAF C Group Championship Loss [9]
15-09-2012 Serbia Serbia Gründenmoos Stadium, St. Gallen, Austria
EFAF C Group Championship Loss [10]
17-09-2012 Russia Russia Stadion Herrenried, Hohenems, Austria
EFAF C Group Championship Win [11]
14-09-2013 Poland Poland Stadion Polonii, Warsaw, Poland
Exhibition match Win [12]
19-07-2014 Belgium Belgium Sportpark de Schorre, Ostend, Belgium
Exhibition match Win [13]
06-09-2014 Czech Republic Czech Republic Slavia Prague Athletic Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic
Exhibition match Loss [14]
18-10-2014 Catalonia Catalonia Estadi del GEiEG, Girona, Spain
Exhibition match Win [15]

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