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Coordinates: 54°58′51″N 1°36′51″W / 54.980703°N 1.614105°W / 54.980703; -1.614105 (Netskills)

Jisc Netskills
Industry Education
Founded 1995
Headquarters Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Products Workshops, Training materials, Presentations, Qualifications

Jisc Netskills was a training and staff development organisation providing services to help the UK education sector make effective use of technology. During 2009 Jisc Netskills joined the other Jisc Advisory services and Jisc RSCs to become part of Jisc Advance. The service provided a range of training programmes and expertise on topics such as e-learning, web development, social networking, Web 2.0 technologies, information skills and access management.

From 2 January 2015 Jisc Netskills was brought in-house by Jisc as part of Jisc Customer Services.

Netskills started in 1995 as a project called 'Network Skills for Users of the Electronic Library' and had the mission 'to help the UK higher education community make effective use of the Internet for teaching, research and administration', which it achieved through workshops on topics including 'An Introduction to the Internet', 'Searching for Information on the World Wide Web' and 'An introduction to World Wide Web Authoring'.

By the end of the project almost 1000 individuals were taking part in Netskills training events every year.

In 1998 Netskills became a Jisc advisory service, with the new mission 'To be a centre of expertise and knowledge - supporting and enabling the education community to make effective, sustainable use of innovative technology through training, development and consultancy.'

Every university in the UK currently uses the service along with over 400 FE colleges and more than 40 library authorities.

Jisc Netskills was based at Newcastle University.

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