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Origin Finland
Genres Synth-Pop
Years active 1991–present
Labels A Different Drum
Website Neuroactive
Members Jarkko Tuohimma
Kimmo Karjalainen
Past members Vesa Rainne
Ville Brusi

Neuroactive is a synthpop/futurepop/EBM group from Finland. Its members are Jarkko Tuohimaa and Kimmo Karjalainen.


Neuroactive was formed in 1991 by Jarkko Tuohimaa, Ville Brusi, and Vesa Rainne. Signing their first album, Morphology, in 1994 with Cyberware Productions, the group went on to produce Phonic Trace in 1997. Shortly thereafter, Brusi and Rainne left the group and Kimmo Karjalainen came on board to sing for two albums (Fiber Optic Rhythm, Transients). 2005 Neuroactive released "N-Gin" and 2009 "Antidote" both albums included several guest singers. Neuroactive remains as one man project led by Jarkko Tuohimaa. Neuroactive has remixed several bands during his career including: Alphaville, B! Machine, Iris, Neuropa, The Nine, Cesium 137... Neuroactive remain active and is planning new album.

Neuroactive signed with A Different Drum in 1998, and continues to release material under that label.


  • Albums
    • Morphology (1994)
    • Phonic Trace (1997)
    • Fiber-Optic Rhythm (1999)
    • Neurology 1994-2000 (2000)
    • Transients (2001)
    • N-gin (2005)
    • Antidote (2009)
  • Singles
    • Neuron (1995)
    • Parallel Lifeforms (1998)
    • Put Your Trust In Me (1999)
    • Visualise Mixes (1999)
    • Play (2002)
    • Wonders of the World (2002)
    • Space Divider (2004)

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