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For the heavy metal band, see Neurotica (band).
Studio album by Redd Kross
Released 1987
Genre Alternative rock, pop punk, power pop
Label Big Time
Redd Kross chronology
Born Innocent
Third Eye
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media 9.0/10 link
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Neurotica is the fourth record from the band Redd Kross. It was released on Big Time Records (an RCA Records subsidiary) in 1987.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jeff McDonald, except where noted.

  1. "Neurotica" (Steven Shane McDonald, Robert Hecker, J. McDonald) - 2:57
  2. "Play My Song" - 3:37
  3. "Frosted Flake" (S. McDonald, J. McDonald) - 2:05
  4. "Janus, Jeanie, and George Harrison" - 3:13
  5. "Love is You" (Hecker) - 2:31
  6. "Peach Kelli Pop" - 3:36
  7. "McKenzie" - 4:28
  8. "Tatum O' Tot and the Fried Vegetables" - 1:27
  9. "Ballad of a Love Doll" - 1:55
  10. "What They Say" (Hecker) - 3:59
  11. "Ghandi Is Dead (I'm the Cartoon Man)" - 3:25
  12. "Beautiful Bye-Byes" (Hecker, J. McDonald, S. McDonald) - 1:48

Related Information[edit]

  • Recorded at American Recorders, Los Angeles, California
  • To promote the album Big Time Records issued the promotional-only double album Dinner With Redd Kross.

Disk one featured an interview with the band conducted by Albert O of WBCN-FM and the album versions of the songs "Peach Kelli Pop", "Love Is You", "Neurotica", "Janus Jeanie and George Harrison", "McKenzie" and "Play My Song". Disk two contained "Play My Song" (remixed by Michael Frondelli) on red vinyl. The Frondelli remix is also available on CD on The Big Time Syndrome compilation).

  • A number of tracks were remixed by Steven McDonald and John Auer for the 2002 reissue on Five Foot Two Records.
  • The 2002 reissue included two bonus tracks: Robert Hecker's "Pink Piece of Peace", and Sonny Bono's "It's The Little Things".
  • Another version of "Pink Piece of Peace" is on the first It's OK! album, featuring Redd Kross members Robert Hecker and Victor Indrizzo.