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Neutrois is a gender identity that is neutral or null. Neutrois people may also describe themselves variously as genderless, neither male nor female, and agender.[1]

Neutrois people may be assigned either male or female at birth, and can also be intersex or dyadic. Many have gender dysphoria, much like transsexual people. The term "neutrois" was coined in 1995 by H. A. Burnham, who created the word to describe hir gender and others with the same feelings.[2][3]

People self-identifying as neutrois are part of what gender theorist Anne Enke calls the "ever-expanding social category" of transgender people. This category includes a very broad range of identities which do not conform to traditional gender norms. However, Enke notes that people who identify with any of these positions may not necessarily self-identify as transgender.[4]

Neutrois is one of 50 custom gender identity options made available to Facebook users on February 13, 2014.[5]


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