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Logo of the Nevada Appeal

The Nevada Appeal is a daily newspaper published in Carson City, Nevada by Swift Communications. It is the state's third-largest paper, behind the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Reno Gazette-Journal.

The paper is available in six regional editions across northern Nevada and eastern California:


The Nevada Appeal was first published in on May 16, 1865 as the Carson Daily Appeal. It claims to be the oldest continuously published newspaper in Nevada, as well as be the oldest continuously operating business in Carson City.

It was renamed the Daily State Register in 1870. In 1872, the Register merged with the New Daily Appeal, which had been founded earlier in 1872 by the first editor of the original Daily Appeal, Henry Mighels, earlier in the year. The paper dropped the "New" from its masthead in 1873. In May 1877 it was renamed the Morning Appeal, then it went back to being the Daily Appeal in 1906. In 1947 it was finally renamed to the Nevada Appeal, the name it keeps to this day.

The paper's first office was a low stone building at the corner of Second and Carson Streets. On October 19, 1948 the Appeal moved to a new home at 110 W. Telegraph Street, then three years later, on July 9, 1951, it moved into the Carson Brewery at the corner of King and Division. On November 18, 1974, the paper moved again to 200 Bath St. This office was gutted by fire on March 28, 1979, but the paper stayed in business using rented facilities and equipment. The final move was on March 8, 2002, when they moved into their current facility at 580 Mallory Way.

Until 1961, it was printed by letterpress. It went to offset printing on March 13, 1961.

From 1878 to 1880, the paper was owned by Nellie Verill Mighels, wife of Henry Rust Mighels. She was one of the first women in the world to own a newspaper.

In late 2008-09, the newspaper was affected by the rough economic times that have plagued the industry overall. In May 2009, the former daily paper was reduced to printing only five days a week, however, Tuesday were added back in Sept. 2010. The newspaper publishes news seven days a week online.

The paper is owned by Swift Communications Inc. The Nevada Appeal is the highest circulation paper among several in the region targeting readers in Eastern California and Northern Nevada.


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