Nevado Tres Cruces

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Nevado Tres Cruces
Tres Cruces from Ojos del Salado to the east. The higher south summit is on the left, the central summit on the right.
Elevation 6,749 m (22,142 ft)
Prominence 1,422 m (4,665 ft)[1]
Location Region III, Argentina-Chile border
Range Andes Mountains

Nevado Tres Cruces is a massif of volcanic origin in the Andes Mountains. It has two main summits, Tres Cruces Sur at 6,749 m and Tres Cruces Central at 6,629 m and a third more minor summit, Tres Cruces Norte 6030m. The former marks the border between Argentina and Chile. The usual route of ascent for all peaks is from the Chilean side, since the Argentine side is very remote.

The massif gives its name to Nevado Tres Cruces National Park in Chile.

Portezuelo Maricunga


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Coordinates: 27°06′S 68°47′W / 27.100°S 68.783°W / -27.100; -68.783