Nevados de Chillán

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Nevados de Chillán
Valle Las Trancas.jpg
Las Trancas Valley.
Elevation 3,212 m (10,538 ft)
Location Chile
Range Andes
Coordinates 36°51′48″S 71°22′36″W / 36.86333°S 71.37667°W / -36.86333; -71.37667
Type Stratovolcanoes
Volcanic arc/belt South Volcanic Zone
Last eruption August to September 2003

Nevados de Chillán is a group of stratovolcanoes located in the Andes of the Bío Bío Region, Chile, and is one of the most active volcanoes in the region. It consists of three overlapping peaks, 3,212 m (10,538 ft) Cerro Blanco (Volcán Nevado) at the northwest and 3,089 m (10,135 ft) Volcán Viejo (Volcán Chillán) at the southeast, with Volcán Nuevo in the middle. Volcán Viejo was the main active vent during the 17th-19th centuries, and the new Volcán Nuevo lava dome complex formed between 1906 and 1945, eventually growing to exceed Viejo in height by the mid 1980s.

Aerial view of the Nevados de Chillán chain. Left to right: Volcán Nevado, Volcán Nuevo, Volcán Chillán. The Volcán Arrau dome complex (1973-1986) can be seen as a sharp cone-shape in front of the Volcán Nevado.

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