Never Can Say Goodbye (Gloria Gaynor album)

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Never Can Say Goodbye
Studio album by Gloria Gaynor
Released January 23, 1975
Recorded 1974
Genre Disco, R&B
Label MGM Records
Producer The Disco Corporation of America (Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi, Jay Ellis and Paul Leka)
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Never Can Say Goodbye
I've Got You
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Never Can Say Goodbye is the second album by Gloria Gaynor, released on MGM Records in January 1975.[2] It is most notable for including several early Disco recordings. The album charted in the US Billboard at #25 in the US Pop chart, and at #21 in the US R&B chart. In the UK the album peaked at #32,[3] "Never Can Say Goodbye" was released in the UK as a single and reached #2 in early 1975.[4]

The album features three hit singles; "Honey Bee", "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Reach Out, I'll Be There" which are featured full-length on the album's first side in a 19-minute disco suite, then a famous first devised by Tom Moulton. This album version of 'Never Can Say Goodbye' features double drum beats during the verse links, which is not heard in the single version. The second side of the album mostly consists of slower Soul music songs. Notably, vocalist Gloria Gaynor also was involved in the songwriting of a number of the tracks, including "Real Good People."

The album was re-issued on CD in 2010, with seven bonus tracks, by the UK based Big Break Records.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Side one ("A Tom Moulton Mix") - 18:36

1. "Honey Bee" (Melvin Steals, Matthew Ledbetter) - 6:00
2. "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Clifton Davis) - 6:19
3. "Reach Out, I'll Be There" (Holland, Dozier, Holland) - 6:17

Side two

4. "All I Need Is Your Sweet Lovin'" (Bobby Flax, Larry Lambert) - 2:48
5. "Searchin'" (Casey Spencer) - 2:55
6. "We Belong Together" (Lester Hodelin, Patricia Shells) - 2:51
7. "False Alarm" (Don Coan, Gloria Gaynor) - 3:42
8. "Real Good People" (Gloria Gaynor) - 3:07

CD bonus tracks[edit]

9. "Honeybee" (Mervin Steals, Melvin Steals, Matthew Ledbetter) (Columbia Single Version) (A-side single, released in 1973)
10. "All It Took Boy Was Losing You" (Mervin Steals, Melvin Steals) (B-side single, released in 1973)
11. "Come Tonight" (B-Side of "Honey Bee" single, released in 1974)
12. "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Single Version) (A-side single, released in 1974)
13. "We Can’t Just Make It" (Gloria Gaynor) (B-Side of "Never Can Say Goodbye" single, released in 1974)
14. "Reach Out, I’ll Be There" (Single Version) (A-side single, released in 1975)
15. "Honey Bee" (MGM Single Version) (A-side single, released in 1974)