Never Too Late (Sinitta song)

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"Never Too Late"
Single by Sinitta
Released 1983
Format 7" single, 12" maxi
Recorded 1983
Genre Synthpop, funk, soul
Length 3:30
Label Midas Records Limited
Writer(s) James George Hargreaves, A. Ajai-Ajagbe
Producer(s) James George Hargreaves, A. Ajai-Ajagbe
Sinitta singles chronology
"I Could Be"
"Never Too Late"

"Never Too Late" is a Pop song by American singer Sinitta. The song was written and produced by James George Hargreaves and A. Ajai-Ajagbe. It was released in 1983 as the non-album single. "Never Too Late" has a smashing break and exists too as a white label press bearing Sinitta's full name, a release containing a shorter version. Jellybean Benitez was hired for doing the Special Extended U.S Mix. No music video was made for this song

Formats and track listings[edit]

7-inch single [1]
  1. "Never Too Late" (Special U.S. Mix) - 3:30
  2. "Never Too Late" (Original U.K. Mix) - 3:35
12-inch single [2]
  1. "Never Too Late" (Special U.S. Extended Mix) - 6:58
  2. "Never Too Late" (Instrumental) - 5:20