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The New Broadview House Hotel in 2007.

The New Broadview House Hotel (formerly The Broadview Hotel) is a four story, 55 room former hotel and boarding house at 106 Broadview Avenue and Queen Street East in Toronto's Riverdale neighbourhood.

Built in 1893, the Richardsonian Romanesque style structure was built for Archibald Dingman and designed by Robert Ogilvie as a commercial hub and public hall (Dingman's Hall) and located in the historic neighbourhood of Riverdale. The building originally had the Canadian Bank of Commerce as a tenant on the ground floor and doctors' and lawyers' offices on the middle floors. Atop the building were two public halls which acted as a venue for concerts and assemblies.[1][2]

In 1907, the building was sold to Thomas J. Edwards who hired architect George Gouinlock to transform Dingman’s Hall into The Broadview Hotel, which let rooms for $1.50 or more a night.[1] It was known as the Lincoln Hotel for a time in the 1930s before reverting to its original name in the 1940s.[3] By the 1970s it was the Broadview House, a boarding house renting rooms by the week, with a strip club (later known as Jilly's) on the main floor.[4] The establishment was the scene of a barmaid stabbing in the early 1990s.

On May 13, 2014, Streetcar Developments announced its purchase of the Hotel,[5] and subsequently evicted the tenants, including the strip club and several long term rooming house boarders. The 45 long-term tenants, many of whom were living on disability or social assistance were rehoused through a partnership between Streetcar Developments, the city, and WoodGreen Community Services in which the developer paid WoodGreen to hire two staff persons to assist the tenants in finding new homes with Streetcar paying for the tenants' first and last months' rent and moving costs.[6]

In late 2014, the developers sought the city's permission to renovate the building into a boutique hotel with a ground floor restaurant and a rooftop bar.[7]

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