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The Chinese New Version (abbreviation:CNV; simplified Chinese: 新译本; traditional Chinese: 新譯本) is a Chinese language Bible translation that was completed in 1992 by the Worldwide Bible Society ( with the assistance of the Lockman Foundation. It was formerly known as the "New Chinese Version" (NCV), but the English name and abbreviation was changed to avoid confusion with the English New Century Version. It is available in both the traditional Chinese script and the simplified Chinese used in mainland China. The most popular Chinese Bible remains the older Chinese Union Version although its popularity has waned since the introduction of the CNV, especially in evangelical circles. The Three Self Church discourages use of the Chinese New Version.

The Sword Project and Olive Tree Bible Software both have modules for both the New Chinese Version and the Union Version of the Bible. More recently (as of January 2014) these bibles were made available for parallel searching at & .

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