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New England Skeptical Society
Formation 1996
Steven Novella

The New England Skeptical Society (NESS) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting science and reason. It was originally founded in January 1996 as the Connecticut Skeptical Society.[1] The group later joined with the Skeptical Inquirers of New England (SINE) and the New Hampshire Skeptical Resource to form NESS.


The NESS (in association with NYC Skeptics) runs the North East Conference for science and skepticism, NECSS (pronounced "nexus"), an annual conference with the most recent one having taken place on April 5 through 7, 2013.[2][3]

The NESS produces a weekly science podcastThe Skeptics' Guide to the Universe — featuring discussions of myths, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and the paranormal from a scientific point of view. The show also features discussions of recent scientific developments in laymen's terms, and interviews authors and other prominent skeptics. On September 20, 2006, James Randi joined the podcast providing a weekly commentary segment.

In addition the NESS hosts local lectures on a spectrum of skeptical topics, conducts investigations into local paranormal claims[4] and screens local applicants for the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation. The group publishes a newsletter of original skeptical articles that can also be found on its website.

NESS president and co-founder Steven Novella is a neurologist and teacher at Yale University. Novella authored the "Weird Science" column in the New Haven Advocate, was an associate editor of Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, and a contributing editor of Quackwatch. He has appeared on several television programs including Penn & Teller: Bullshit![5] advocating the skeptical position.[6]


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