New England Tablelands (biogeographic region)

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The IBRA regions, with New England Tablelands in red

New England Tablelands, an interim Australian bioregion, is located in New South Wales,[1][2] comprising 3,002,213 hectares (7,418,630 acres).[3]

In the IBRA system it has the code of (NET), and it has nineteen sub-regions:

IBRA regions and subregions: IBRA7
IBRA subregion IBRA code Area
Bundarra Downs NET01 151,867 hectares (375,270 acres)
Beardy River Hills NET02 24,625 hectares (60,850 acres)
Walcha Plateau NET03 473,825 hectares (1,170,850 acres)
Armidale Plateau NET04 290,577 hectares (718,030 acres)
Wongwibinda Plateau NET05 106,929 hectares (264,230 acres)
Deepwater Downs NET06 97,773 hectares (241,600 acres)
Glenn Innes-Guyra Basalts NET07 277,299 hectares (685,220 acres)
Ebor Basalts NET08 35,709 hectares (88,240 acres)
Moredun Volcanics NET09 117,461 hectares (290,250 acres)
Severn River Volcanics NET10 150,795 hectares (372,620 acres)
Northeast Forest Lands NET11 206,492 hectares (510,250 acres)
Tenterfield Plateau NET12 139,242 hectares (344,070 acres)
Yarrowyck-Kentucky Downs NET13 65,135 hectares (160,950 acres)
Binghi Plateau NET14 64,555 hectares (159,520 acres)
Stanthorpe Plateau NET15 267,999 hectares (662,240 acres)
Eastern Nandewars NET16 319,096 hectares (788,500 acres)
Tingha Plateau NET17 78,461 hectares (193,880 acres)
Nightcap NET18 113,767 hectares (281,120 acres)
Round Mountain NET19 20,606 hectares (50,920 acres)


Further reading[edit]

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