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New Hampshire Route 10 marker

New Hampshire Route 10
Map of New Hampshire with NH 10 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length: 122.25 mi[1] (196.74 km)
Existed: 1922 – present
Major junctions
South end: Route 10 in Northfield, MA
  NH 9 / NH 12 / NH 101 in Keene
I‑89 / US 4 in Lebanon
North end: US 302 in Haverhill
Counties: Cheshire, Sullivan, Grafton
Highway system

New Hampshire Routes

NH 9A NH 10A

New Hampshire Route 10 (NH 10) is a north–south state highway in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. Its southern terminus is at the Massachusetts state line in the town of Winchester. In Massachusetts the highway becomes Massachusetts Route 10. Total length of the highway is 122.25 miles (196.74 km).

Route description[edit]

NH 10 begins at the Massachusetts state line in Winchester, New Hampshire. The road continues into Keene (where it has a short concurrency with NH 9). From Keene, NH 10 travels north via Newport until Grantham. It then runs along I-89 from Grantham to Lebanon. After exiting I-89 and running briefly on US 4, NH-10 then travels along the east bank of the Connecticut River from Lebanon up to its northern terminus at US 302 in Woodsville. Signage for Route 10 continues, however, all the way to Littleton; this portion of the road is co-signed with U.S. 302 until reaching Interstate 93 in Littleton.

In Hanover, NH Route 10 has what is essentially a short spur to Vermont, NH-10A.


Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Cheshire Winchester 0.0 0.0 Route 10 south State line
4.4 7.1 NH 119 west (Hinsdale Road)
NH 78 south (Warwick Road)
Southern end of NH 119 concurrency; northern terminus of NH 78
4.9 7.9 NH 119 east (Richmond Road) Northern end of NH 119 concurrency
Keene 16.7 26.9 NH 12 south / NH 101 east Eastern end of NH 10/NH 12/NH 101 concurrency
17.2 27.7 NH 9 west (Franklin Pierce Highway) Southern end of NH 9 concurrency; western terminus of NH 101
18.6 29.9 NH 12 north Northern end of NH 12 concurrency
21.2 34.1 NH 9 east (Franklin Pierce Highway) Northern end of NH 9 concurrency
Marlow 32.6 52.5 NH 123 south Southern end of NH 123 concurrency
33.6 54.1 NH 123 north (Forest Road) Northern end of NH 123 concurrency
38.0 61.2 NH 123A Eastern terminus of NH 123A
Sullivan Goshen 47.6 76.6 NH 31 Northern terminus of NH 31
Newport 52.9 85.1 NH 11 / NH 103 west (Elm Street) Southern end of NH 10/NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
53.1 85.5 NH 11 / NH 103 east (Sunapee Street) Northern end of NH 10/NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
Grantham 63.3 101.9 NH 114 (Grantham Road) Northern terminus of NH 114
64.1 103.2 I‑89 south Exit 13 on I-89; southern end of I-89 concurrency
Grafton Lebanon 75.2 121.0 US 4 Exit 17 on I-89
77.4 124.6 NH 120 Exit 18 on I-89
79.2 127.5 I‑89 north
US 4 east
Northern end of I-89 concurrency at exit 19; eastern end of US 4 concurrency
81.1 130.5 NH 12A (S. Main Street) Northern terminus of NH 12A
81.3 130.8 US 4 west (Maple Street) Western end of US 4 concurrency
Hanover 85.3 137.3 NH 10A (W. Wheelock Street) Eastern terminus of NH 10A
85.6 137.8 NH 120 (S. Park Street) Northern terminus of NH 120
Orford 102.7 165.3 NH 25A east Southern end of NH 25Aconcurrency
103.1 165.9 NH 25A west (Bridge Street) Northern end of NH 25A concurrency
Piermont 108.9 175.3 NH 25 west
NH 25C east (Lake Tarleton Road)
Southern end of NH 25 concurrency; western terminus of NH 25C
Haverhill 114.2 183.8 NH 25 east (Mt. Moosilauke Highway) Northern end of NH 25 concurrency
118.1 190.1 NH 116 (Benton Road) Western terminus of NH 116
121.3 195.2 NH 135 (S. Court Street) Southern terminus of NH 135
122.2 196.7 US 302 (Central Street) Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routes[edit]

NH 10A is an east–west highway in Hanover. It is known as the shortest state highway in New Hampshire.

The eastern terminus of Route 10A is in the center of Hanover at the junction with NH-10, which is Main Street. The western terminus of NH-10A is on the bridge over the Connecticut River, which is the border with Vermont. The road continues into Vermont and becomes Main Street in the town of Norwich. Total length of NH-10A is approximately 0.6 mile (0.9 km). This road is locally named West Wheelock Road in Hanover.

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