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New Hampshire Route 103 marker

New Hampshire Route 103
Map of New Hampshire Route 103
Map of western New Hampshire with NH 103 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length: 48.40 mi[1] (77.89 km)
Major junctions
West end: NH 12 / NH 12A in Claremont
  NH 11 in Claremont / Sunapee
NH 10 in Newport
I‑89 in Warner
East end: US 202 / NH 9 in Hopkinton
Counties: Sullivan, Merrimack
Highway system
NH 102 NH 104

New Hampshire Route 103 (abbreviated NH 103) is a 48.4-mile-long (77.9 km) east–west highway in west-central New Hampshire, United States. The highway runs from Claremont, near the Vermont border on the Connecticut River, to Hopkinton, west of Concord.

The western terminus of NH 103 is in Claremont at New Hampshire Route 12 and New Hampshire Route 12A. The road runs eastward merged with NH 12 for a distance of 3.8 miles (6.1 km) into the center of Claremont, where NH 103 splits off from NH 12 and merges with New Hampshire Route 11. The highway then runs eastward merged with NH 11 for a distance of 13.1 miles (21.1 km). The road splits off from NH 11 east of Newport. Northwest of Hopkinton, the road runs merged with New Hampshire Route 127 for a distance of 2.1 miles (3.4 km). The eastern terminus of NH 103 is in Hopkinton at U.S. Route 202 and New Hampshire Route 9.

Major junctions[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Sullivan Claremont 0.0 0.0 NH 12 north (Main Street) – Ascutney VT
NH 12A (Windsor Road/Jarvis Hill Road) – North Charlestown, West Lebanon
Western terminus of NH 103
Western end of NH 12/NH 103 concurrency
To I‑91 Exit 8
3.8 6.1 NH 11 west / NH 12 south (Pleasant Street) – Charlestown Opera House Square
Eastern end of NH 12/NH 103 concurrency
Western end of NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
4.2 6.8 NH 120 north (North Street) – Lebanon Southern terminus of NH 120
Newport 13.5 21.7 NH 10 south (South Main Street) – Goshen, Keene Southern end of NH 10/NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
13.8 22.2 NH 10 north (North Main Street) – Grantham Northern end of NH 10/NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
Sunapee 16.9 27.2 NH 11 east – Sunapee, Georges Mills, New London Village of Wendell
Eastern end of NH 11/NH 103 concurrency
Merrimack Newbury 20.8 33.5 NH 103B north (Edgemont Road) – Sunapee Southern terminus of NH 103B
Entrance to Mt. Sunapee State Park
23.3 37.5 NH 103A north – New London Southern terminus of NH 103A
Bradford 29.5 47.5 NH 114 (Sutton Road/Henniker Road) – New London, Henniker
Warner 36.1 58.1 I‑89 – Concord, Lebanon Exit 9 on I-89
38.7 62.3 I‑89 south – Contoocook, Concord Exit 8 on I-89
Partial interchange; exit from I-89 north only
41.8 67.3 I‑89 – Concord, Warner, Lebanon Exit 7 on I-89
42.6 68.6 NH 127 north – Webster, Salisbury Davisville village
Northern end of NH 103/NH 127 concurrency
Hopkinton 44.7 71.9 NH 127 south (Maple Street) – West Hopkinton, Henniker Contoocook village
Southern end of NH 103/NH 127 concurrency
To I‑89 Exit 6
47.8 76.9 US 202 / NH 9 (Franklin Pierce Hwy.) to I‑89 – Concord, Keene, Lebanon Eastern terminus of NH 103
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Suffixed routes[edit]

New Hampshire Route 103A[edit]

New Hampshire Route 103A
Location: Newbury-New London
Length: 7.71 mi[2] (12.41 km)

New Hampshire Route 103A (abbreviated NH 103A) is a 7.71-mile (12.41 km) long secondary north–south highway in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. NH 103A connects New London with Newbury. NH 103A runs down the entire length of the east side of Lake Sunapee and provides access to the local roads along the lakeshore. NH 103A is locally named Lakeside Road.

The southern terminus of NH 103A is at New Hampshire Route 103 at the south end of the lake. The northern terminus is at New Hampshire Route 11, Newport Road, at the north end of the lake near Interstate 89.

New Hampshire Route 103B[edit]

New Hampshire Route 103B
Location: Newbury-Sunapee
Length: 3.46 mi[2] (5.57 km)

New Hampshire Route 103B (abbreviated NH 103B) is a 3.46-mile (5.57 km) long secondary north–south highway located predominantly in Sullivan County (with a small segment in Merrimack County) in western New Hampshire. NH 103B connects Newbury with Sunapee. NH 103B runs along the western shore of Lake Sunapee and provides access to the local roads along the lakeshore. NH 103B is locally named Edgemont Road.

The southern terminus of NH 103B is at New Hampshire Route 103 on the southwest side of the lake. The road runs north into the village of Sunapee about midway up the west side of the lake. The northern terminus of NH 103B is at the junction with New Hampshire Route 11 in the village center.


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