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New Hampshire Route 25 marker

New Hampshire Route 25
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length: 96.62 mi[1] (155.49 km)
Major junctions
West end: VT 25 in Bradford, VT
  I‑93 / US 3 / NH 3A in Plymouth
US 3 in Meredith
NH 16 in Ossipee
East end: SR 25 in Porter, ME
Counties: Grafton, Belknap, Carroll
Highway system
NH 18 NH 26

New Hampshire Route 25 is a 96.62-mile (155.49 km) long east–west state highway in New Hampshire. It runs completely across the state from Vermont to Maine.

The western terminus of Route 25 is at the Vermont state line on the Connecticut River in Piermont, where the road continues west as Vermont Route 25. The eastern terminus is on the Maine state line in the town of Freedom, where the road continues east as Maine State Route 25.


New England 25.svg

In the 1920s, NH 25 was part of New England Interstate Route 25, a route in the New England Interstate Highway system.

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Grafton Piermont 0.00 0.00 VT 25 (Waits River Road) – Bradford Vermont-New Hampshire state line
1.8 2.9 NH 10 south (Dartmouth College Highway) – Hanover
NH 25C east (Lake Tarleton Road) – Warren
Southern end of NH 10/NH 25 concurrency
Western terminus of NH 25C
Haverhill 7.1 11.4 NH 10 north (Dartmouth College Highway) – Woodsville Northern end of NH 10/NH 25 concurrency
Warren 20.9 33.6 NH 118 north (Sawyer Highway) – North Woodstock Northern end of NH 25/NH 118 concurrency
21.7 34.9 NH 25C (Lake Tarleton Road) – Piermont Eastern terminus of NH 25C
Wentworth 25.6 41.2 NH 25A west (Orford Road) – Orford Eastern terminus of NH 25A
Rumney 29.8 48.0 NH 118 south (Dorchester Road) – Dorchester, Canaan Southern end of NH 25/NH 118 concurrency
Plymouth 37.2 59.9 NH 3A south (Mayhew Turnpike) – Newfound Lake, Bristol Western end of NH 3A/NH 25 concurrency
41.2 66.3 US 3 north (Daniel Webster Highway) – Campton
NH 3A north (Tenney Mountain Highway) – Concord, Littleton
Interchange; northern end of US 3/NH 25 concurrency
Eastern end of NH 3A/NH 25 concurrency; to I‑93
41.8 67.3 NH 175A east (Holderness Road) – Holderness Western terminus of NH 175A; to I‑93
Ashland 47.2 76.0 I‑93 (Styles Bridges Highway) – Tilton, Concord, Plymouth, Littleton I-93 Exit 24
48.0 77.2 NH 132 south (Main Street) – New Hampton, Tilton Northern terminus of NH 132
Holderness 50.6 81.4 NH 175 north Southern terminus of NH 175
51.7 83.2 NH 113 east (Squam Lake Road) – Sandwich Western terminus of NH 113
Belknap Center Harbor 56.5 90.9 NH 25B east (Plymouth Street) – Center Harbor Western terminus of NH 25B
Meredith 59.6 95.9 US 3 south (Daniel Webster Highway) – Laconia Southern end of US 3/NH 25 concurrency; to I‑93
Center Harbor 64.2 103.3 NH 25B west (Plymouth Street) – Holderness Eastern terminus of NH 25B
Carroll Moultonborough 69.1 111.2 NH 109 north (Holland Street) – Center Sandwich Western end of NH 25/NH 109 concurrency
69.8 112.3 NH 109 south (Governor John Wentworth Highway) – Melvin Village, Wolfeboro Eastern end of NH 25/NH 109 concurrency
Tamworth 75.7 121.8 NH 113 west (Jackman Pond Road) – North Sandwich Western end of NH 25/NH 113 concurrency
78.5 126.3 NH 113 east (Whittier Road) Eastern end of NH 25/NH 113 concurrency
Ossipee 82.2 132.3 NH 16 north (White Mountain Highway) Northern end of NH 16/NH 25 concurrency
87.8 141.3 NH 16 south (White Mountain Highway) Interchange; southern end of NH 16/NH 25 concurrency
Effingham 93.2 150.0 NH 153 north (Green Mountain Road) – Effingham Falls Western end of NH 25/NH 153 concurrency
94.1 151.4 NH 153 south (Effingham Trail) – Center Effingham Eastern end of NH 25/NH 153 concurrency
Freedom 96.6 155.5 SR 25 east (Ossipee Trail) Maine-New Hampshire border
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Suffixed routes[edit]

New Hampshire Route 25A[edit]

Vermont Route 25A marker New Hampshire Route 25A marker

Route 25A
Route information
Maintained by VTrans and NHDOT
Length: 16.01 mi (25.77 km)
Vermont: 0.08 mi (0.14 km)
New Hampshire: 15.93 mi (25.64 km)
Major junctions
West end: US 5 in Fairlee, VT
  NH 10 in Orford, NH
East end: NH 25 / NH 118 in Wentworth, NH
Counties: VT: Orange, NH: Grafton
Highway system

New Hampshire Route 25A is a 15.93-mile (25.64 km) long east–west state highway in New Hampshire connecting Wentworth and Orford. It runs through a scenic, mountainous area of western New Hampshire.

The western terminus of NH 25A is at the Vermont state line on the Connecticut River in the town of Orford, where the route continues west as the short Vermont Route 25A. 150 yards (140 m) from the state line, VT 25A ends at U.S. Route 5 in Fairlee. The eastern terminus of NH 25A is in the town of Wentworth at New Hampshire Route 25 and New Hampshire Route 118.

In 2002, the state designated most of NH 25A as the Governor Meldrim Thomson Scenic Highway. The highway runs from Wentworth to the junction with New Hampshire Route 10 in Orford. The road was named in honor of the late Gov. Meldrim Thomson, Jr., who died April 19, 2001. Thomson's Mt. Cube Farm lined both sides of the highway.

New Hampshire Route 25B[edit]

New Hampshire Route 25B
Location: Center Harbor
Length: 3.25 mi[1] (5.23 km)

New Hampshire Route 25B (abbreviated NH 25B) is a 3.25-mile (5.23 km) long east–west state highway in New Hampshire. It runs through the town of Center Harbor in the state's Lakes Region.

The eastern terminus is in Center Harbor at New Hampshire Route 25. The western terminus is in Center Harbor at U.S. Route 3 and New Hampshire Route 25. The entire length of road is known as Dane Road and as Plymouth Street.

New Hampshire Route 25C[edit]

New Hampshire Route 25C
Location: Piermont-Warren
Length: 13.22 mi[1] (21.28 km)

New Hampshire Route 25C (abbreviated NH 25C) is a 13.22-mile (21.28 km) long east–west state highway in New Hampshire. It runs through the scenic, mountainous area connecting Warren and Piermont.

The western terminus of NH 25C is in Piermont at New Hampshire Route 10 and New Hampshire Route 25. The eastern terminus is in Warren at NH 25 and New Hampshire Route 118. The entire length of highway is known as Lake Tarleton Road.