New Improved Song

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"New Improved Song"
Song by Faith No More from the album Sounds Waves 2 & The Very Best Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
Released 1988
Recorded 1988
Genre Funk rock, alternative metal
Length 3:45
Label Slash
Producer Matt Wallace

New Improved Song was the first song released after Faith No More's second full-length, Introduce Yourself, and the last to feature Chuck Mosley on vocals. It is an early version of "The Morning After", and was later re-recorded for The Real Thing. For years it was only available on a 7" EP given away with the second issue of Sounds, a music magazine of the 1980s. However it is now available on CD along with similar previously vinyl-only demo "Sweet Emotion", on the compilation The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection in 2009. It was known to have been played live as far back as 1986 (at The Warfield), and as a result is an outtake from Introduce Yourself, rather than a song from a cancelled third Mosley album as many have assumed.

Like most Faith No More demos, it was recorded on an 8-track by Matt Wallace. Other songs to have surfaced from 8-track recordings are "Introduce Yourself", "Greed" and "The Jungle".