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Coordinates: 37°42′55″N 89°13′32″W / 37.71528°N 89.22556°W / 37.71528; -89.22556

Departments and Programs[edit]

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (CMCMA) is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and was established in 1993. The CMCMA has three programs of undergraduate study including the Department of Cinema & Photography, the Department of Radio-Television, and the School of Journalism. The Department of Cinema & Photography and Radio-Television award a Bachelor of Arts degree and the School of Journalism awards a Bachelor of Science degree.

The CMCMA also offers four graduate programs:(MA, MS, MFA, and a PhD Program).

WSIU Public Broadcasting, an NPR affiliate, is also housed within the CMCMA.

Student Involvement[edit]

MCMA is also home to The Daily Egyptian, a student-run newspaper published five times a week on printing presses located within the School of Journalism. Other student-run productions include 26:46, which is a magazine-style news show, Studio A, which showcases various bands, and the River Region Evening Edition, which all air on the CMCMA's PBS affiliate, WSIU.


The College has production facilities which include two television studios, a sound stage, audio and video post production labs, the Norm Pattiz Audio Lab, and the New Media Center.

Global Media Research Center[edit]

The Global Media Research Center (GMRC) functions as the branch of CMCMA dealing with global media communication studies and arts and was founded in 2004 by Professor John DH Downing. Within the CMCMA, its faculty comprises social scientists, critical theorists, and arts practitioners whose work encourages thoughtful reflection and action on the centrality of global media in contemporary societies. The Center is also the institutional extension for the greater SIUC faculty whose interests in globally focused research and creative practice are enriched by the Center's interdisciplinary focus.


•maintains dialogue among researchers, artists, activists, and media industry professionals on global communication issues

•creates a site for rich intellectual exchange among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students

•supports cutting-edge research and discussion of all aspects of global media studies and arts

•collaborates inside SIUC and externally with other institutions and individuals

The GMRC is unique in advancing work through:

•various research and performance approaches

•a wide range of media sites and forms

•the study of phenomena that are central to global life

Big Muddy Film Festival[edit]

The Big Muddy Film Festival was first held at SIUC in the Spring of 1979 and continues to be held annually at the University. It has about 150- 300 entries per year that come from all 50 states as well as many international entries. It creates community engagement and fosters international communication about cinema as an art form.

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