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New media marketing is a relatively new concept used by businesses to develop an online community, that enables them to essentially become publishers and a voice in their industry. It also initiates a conversation and provides customers an arena to congregate and extol and even criticize a particular product, service or brand. In most cases, the online community includes mechanisms such as:

  • blogs
  • podcasts
  • message boards
  • product reviews
  • Wikipedia
  • social media networks
  • websites and website content
  • search engines
  • email newsletters
  • online video
  • online forums
  • content aggregators[1]

All of which contribute to a transparent forum to post praises, criticisms, questions, and suggestions. [2]

One of the primary arguments to promote new media marketing is the premise that traditional advertising is losing its influence on consumers. Backed by statistical evidence demonstrating a growing trend of consumers making purchasing decisions based on Internet research and referrals.[3] These advocates strongly adhere to the notion that consumers are more inclined to believe feedback from like-minded peers than corporate marketing verbiage dispersed through traditional television, radio, direct mail, or newspaper advertising.[4]

Although businesses would be exposing certain weaknesses to the marketplace by allowing individuals, or even competitors, to post critical comments, responding with an honest and transparent answer designed around solving the issue at hand may mitigate potential risks. [5]

New media marketing is most effectively marketed by internet-driven technology such as blogs, RSS, web video productions, podcasts and social networking platforms.[6]

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