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State Treasurer of New Mexico
Great seal of the state of New Mexico.png
James B. Lewis

since December 15, 2006
Term length Four years
Formation 1912
First holder Owen N. Marron
Website State Treasurer of New Mexico
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The State Treasurer of New Mexico is an elected constitutional officer in the executive branch serving as the Chief Elected Financial Officer of the state.[1] The State Treasurer is elected to a four-year term and is able to serve up to two consecutive terms; more terms may be served after one full term has intervened.

Currently, James B. Lewis is serving as the State Treasurer. He took office on December 15, 2006 after being elected on November 7, 2006. His current, and final consecutive term, will expire on January 1, 2014.

List of Treasurers[edit]

Name Term Party
Owen N. Marron 1912-1916
H. L. Hall 1917-1918
Charles U. Strong 1919-1920
O.A. Matson 1921-1922
John W. Corbin 1923-1924
Warren R. Graham, Sr. 1925-1928
Emerson Watts 1929-1930
Warren R. Graham, Sr. 1931-1932
Clinton P Anderson 1933-1934
James J. Connelly 1935-1938
Rex French 1939-1942
Guy Shepard 1943-1946
H.R. Rodgers 1947-1950
R.H. Grissom 1951-1954
Joseph B. Grant 1955-1958
Joe Callaway 1959-1962
Joseph B. Grant 1963-1966
H.E. Thomas, Jr. 1967-1968
Merrill B. Johns, Jr. 1968-1969
Jesse D. Kornegay 1969-1974
Edward M. Murphy 1975-1978
Jan Alan Hartke 1979-1982
Earl E. Hartley 1983-1985
James B. Lewis 1985-1990 Democratic
Michael A. Montoya 1995-2002
Robert E. Vigil 2003-2005
Douglas Minge Brown 2005-2006
James B. Lewis 2006- Democratic



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