New Orleans mayoral election, 1969–70

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The New Orleans mayoral election of 1969-1970 resulted in the election of Moon Landrieu as mayor of New Orleans. This election also saw an unexpectedly strong showing for a Republican candidate; the party had previously had negligible support in the city.

Incumbent mayor Victor H. Schiro was term-limited after winning election in 1961 and 1965.


Major candidates in the Democratic primary included:

  • former State Representative and City Councilman-at-Large Moon Landrieu,
  • City Councillor-at-Large John J. Petre had previously been a state legislator.
  • Judge David Gertler was well financed and had strong support from the city's Jewish community


First Democratic Party Primary, November 8, 1969

Candidate Votes received Percent
Jimmy Fitzmorris 59,301 34.53%
Moon Landrieu 33,093 19.27%
William J. Guste 29,487 17.17%
John J. Petre 22,471 13.08%
David Gertler 20,572 11.98%
Lloyd J. Rittiner 2,678 1.56%
John J. Spann, Jr. 1,707 0.99%
Addison Roswell Thompson 1,248 0.73%
Dan G. Dial 470 0.27%
Rodney Fertel (former husband of restauranteur Ruth Fertel) 310 0.18%
Maurice Charles Sciortino 201 0.12%
Cecilia M. Pizzo 198 0.12%

Second Democratic Party Primary, December 13, 1969

Candidate Votes received Percent
Moon Landrieu 89,554 53.86%
Jimmy Fitzmorris 76,726 46.14%

General Election, 1970

Candidate Party Votes received Percent
Moon Landrieu Democrat 94,332 59.0%
Ben C. Toledano Republican 65,558 41.0%


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