New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School

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Coordinates: 47°40′54″N 99°07′53″W / 47.681723°N 99.131277°W / 47.681723; -99.131277

New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School
437 1st Avenuve North
New Rockford, North Dakota, 58356
Type public
School district New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School District
Superintendent Jill Louters
School number 701-947-5036
Principal HS: Staci Allmaras
Principal ES: Shirley Lindstrom
Faculty 30
Grades K-12
Average class size 25
Classes offered See Article
Hours in school day 8:30 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.
School color(s) Blue and Yellow
Sports See Article
Mascot Rockets
Newspaper Rocket Review

New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School is a public elementary school and high school located in New Rockford, North Dakota.


New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School District is a school district of the publicly funded school serving the cites of New Rockford, and Sheyenne, and the surrounding rural areas. District administration offices in New Rockford.


On February 27, 2006 82 students in New Rockford skipped school. Protesting occurred because eight or nine teachers were in danger of losing their jobs. Students would not be punished or counted absent because it was a learning experience.[1][2] 50 students stood in the cold for the entire day. Caused by Kurt Eddy and the school board's decision on getting rid of the best teachers in the school. Michael Zimmerman a student was protesting got hit by white Chevy pickup and escaped uninjured.[citation needed] They protested again on March 6, 2006. Fortunately Mr. Eddy's proposal sparked waves of protest and drew absolutely no support from fellow council members.[citation needed]

Classes Offered[edit]

Extracurricular activities[edit]


The athletic teams are known as the "Rockets".

  • Baseball (Black Socks) [not sponsored by school]
  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Football
  • Track and Field (boys and girls)
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling1

1: This sport is joined with the Carrington High School.


Notable People[edit]

Former Staff[edit]

Former students and alumni[edit]


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