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Geumo Sinhwa (금오신화, Chinese 金鰲新話, Tales of Mount Geumo or New stories of the Golden Turtle) is the first known novel written by a Korean author, Kim Si-seup during the reign of King Sejong. Like most of the early literature of Korea it forms part of the Chinese-language literature of Korea.[1]

The title comes from Geumo-san, the Mount of the Golden Turtle, today called Namsan (Gyeongju), which was the site of the Yongjang Temple where tradition records that Kim wrote the stories. The novel is written after the Chinese Jiandeng Xinhua (Tales while trimming the lampwick, 1378) of Qu You,[2] but is not simply a pasticcio of the works contained in Jiandeng Xinhua.[3]


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