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New Wave
New wave logo.jpg
Genre Pop, Europop, Jazz
Dates Six days (three contest days) in July
Location(s) Latvia Jūrmala, Latvia
Years active 2002 - present
Founded by Igor Krutoy and Raimonds Pauls
Official Website

New Wave (Russian: Новая волна, Novaya volna, Latvian: Jaunais Vilnis) is an international contest for new stars, which usually lasts for six days: 3 contest days, 2 special event days and, at the end, the day where the contest's results are announced followed by an ending concert.

New Wave is a contest for young performers of popular music which was founded by a Russian composer Igor Krutoy and by Latvian pianist and composer Raimonds Pauls in 2002 and later enhanced by a very famous Russian superstar Alla Pugacheva. New wave is held in the Latvian coastal city of Jūrmala (Dzintari). Although meant to popularize new stars from all over Europe, the countries of the former USSR and USA, many present and former superstars play an important, if not the most important, role in it


Year Country Contester
2014  Georgia Nutsa Buzaladze
2013  Cuba Roberto Kel Torres
2012  Russia Niloo
2011  United States Jayden Felder
2010  Armenia Sona Shahgeldyan
2009  Indonesia
Sandhy Sondoro
2008  Georgia Duo Georgia
2007 Moldova Moldova Natalia Gordienko
2006  United States Angelina La Rose
2005  Latvia Intars Busulis
2004  Latvia Cosmos
2003  Russia Nastya Stotckaya
2002  Russia Smash!!!

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