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The New Yankee Workshop
The New Yankee Workshop.JPG
Format How-to
Created by Russell Morash
Starring Norm Abram
Bill Wallick
Gary Sullivan
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 284
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) WGBH-TV
This Old House Productions
Original channel PBS
Original run January 7, 1989 – June 27, 2009

The New Yankee Workshop is a woodworking program produced by WGBH Boston, which aired on PBS. Created in 1989 by Russell Morash, the program is hosted by Norm Abram, a regular fixture on Morash's This Old House. The series aired for 21 seasons before broadcasting its final episode on June 27, 2009.


The New Yankee Workshop featured the construction of woodworking projects, including workshop accessories, architectural details and furniture projects ranging from simple pieces to complex, high-quality reproductions of antique classic furniture. In the course of 21 seasons, approximately 235 projects were produced. In addition to furniture and cabinets, the show also focused on outdoor projects such as the building of a gazebo, shed, greenhouse, sailing boat, flag pole, mail box, cupola, and fences.

The New Yankee Workshop theme song consists of a fast-paced guitar tune with a harmonica sound.

The shop[edit]

The shop where the show was produced is owned by Morash and is located on his property even though the viewer was given the impression that it was in Abram's backyard. Its location was portrayed as a closely guarded secret, even though astute viewers of the series would have, no doubt, gathered enough clues over the years to discern its whereabouts. The property at one time was also the site of The Victory Garden, another Morash production. Many of the outdoor projects that Norm built over the years are currently in use in Morash's yard.

The shop is 936 square feet (87.0 m2) in size.[1] The famous sliding barn door faces west. Along the west wall is the "back bench" and drill press. Along the south wall is the miter bench and storage unit, radial arm saw, and (not seen in episodes) a computer, a TV, and a small office area. The east wall of the shop has a staircase leading to a loft area, jig storage, horizontal edge sander, and dust collector. The north wall houses sheet goods, router table, bar clamps, Timesaver wide belt sander, planer, jointer, band saw, and various mobile tools. The center area of the shop consists of the table saw and associated outfeed tables as well as a large assembly table. In the northeast section of the building is a separate finishing room.

The show has elicited many requests for plans for the shop layout, and those interested in such plans can purchase the Doll House (episode #602) plans. The Doll House is a scale replica of the shop, and its plans can be scaled up to build a full size shop.[2]

The location of the shop is detailed here:


As with all shows broadcast on PBS, The New Yankee Workshop depended upon corporate sponsors to partially fund production. Over the years, major sponsors of the show included: Porter-Cable power tools, Vermont American saw blades and drill bits, Delta Machinery, Columbia Flooring, and the Thompson-Minwax Company.

Although Delta Machinery was indeed a sponsor, the original Unisaw that formed the principal power tool in the New Yankee Workshop was a used model which came from Morash. Only later was this Unisaw replaced with a more modern new one, first with a Unifence and later with a Biesemeyer fence, and finally with an outfeed table.


On October 16, 2009, WGBH Boston announced that no further episodes of New Yankee Workshop would be produced.[3] In remarking on the end of the show, Abram stated, "We've had a great run, built challenging projects, met wonderful woodworkers and received loyal support from millions of viewers." Abram later claimed that the entire duration of the show was fully funded through underwriting and could have kept going, but he decided he had accomplished everything he wanted to do and wanted to spend more time with his family.[4] Episodes continue to be available on The New Yankee Workshop website.

Award nominations[edit]

  • Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show, Russell Morash (1997, 1998, 2000)
  • Daytime Emmy Award for Single Camera Editing, Gary Stephenson (1999)

Pop culture reference[edit]

The show was referenced in the second season episode "Clueless" of House. The title character, Dr. Gregory House is asked why he has a season pass for The New Yankee Workshop on his TiVo, and responds that "[i]t's a complete moron working with power tools. How much more suspenseful can you get?"[5]


Over the course of its 21 seasons, at least 235 projects were built on New Yankee Workshop.

Season 1 (1989)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
101 "Medicine Cabinet" January 7, 1989 [1]
102 "Workbench" [2]
103 "Drop Leaf Table" [3]
104 "Blanket Chest" [4]
105 "Bedside Table" [5]
106 "Oak Bathroom Vanity" [6]
107 "Trestle Table" [7]
108 "Bookcase" [8]
109 "Chest of Drawers" [9]
110 "Candle Stand" [10]
111 "Hutch" [11]
112 "Writing Desk" [12]
113 "Corner Cupboard" [13]

Season 2 (1990)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
201 "Rocking Horse"
202 "Adirondack Chair"
203 "Butler's Table"
204 "Kitchen Dresser"
205 "Hearthside Settle"
206 "Pencil-Post Bed"
207 "Chair Table"
208 "Kitchen Worktable"
209 "Mission Style Sofa"
210 "Chippendale Mirror"
211 "Chest on Chest"
212 "English Garden Bench"
213 "Armoire (Entertainment Center)"

Season 3 (1991)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
301 "Shaker Step Stools"
302 "Picnic Table and Saw Horses"
303 "Shaker Two Drawer Blanket Chest"
304 "Shaker Washstand"
305 "Shaker Wall Clock"
306 "Sandbox"
307 "Harvest Table"
308 "Shaker Woodbox"
309 "Library Table"
310 "Garden Swing"
311 "Cricket Table"
312 "Pie Safe with Punched Tin Front"
313 "Standing Mirror"

Season 4 (1992)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
401 "Rolling Shop Cabinet"
402 "Outdoor Lidded Bench"
403 "Child's Wagon"
404 "Coffee Table"
405 "Gardener's Work Bench"
406 "Shaker Tall Chest"
407 "Colonial Fences"
408 "Console Table"
409 "Wheel Barrow"
410 "Umbrella Stand"
411 "Turned Post Bed"
412 "Dove Cote"
413 "Ladderback Chair"

Season 5 (1993)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
501 "Victorian Kitchen Table"
502 "Plant Stand"
503 "Delft Rack"
504 "Oak Coffee Table" [DVD and measured drawing unavailable]
505 "Outdoor Planters"
506 "Pantry Table"
507 "Sideboard"
508 "Hanging Corner Cupboard"
509 "Pine Cupboard"
510 "Butcher Block"
511 "Redwood Arbor"
512 "Secretary Desk"
513 "Tall Pine Clock"

Season 6 (1994)[edit]

This was the last season to use the News Plaintin credits font, it was used since Season 1.

# Title Notes Project Page
601 "Easel"
602 "Doll House"
603 "Toy Chest"
604 "Cradle"
605 "Trundle Bed"
606 "Marble Roll"
607 "Storage Units: Bureau/Cupboard and Bookcase"
608 "Student's Desk"
609 "Rocking Chair"
610 "Alphabet Wagon"
611 "High Chair"
612 "Playhouse Part 1"
613 "Playhouse Part 2"

Season 7 (1995)[edit]

Starting this season, the end credits are shown in a Copperplate font.

# Title Notes Project Page
701 "X-Brace Trestle Table"
702 "Pergola"
703 "TV Tray Table"
704 "Outdoor Garden Table"
705 "Cherry Bathroom Vanity"
706 "Lutyens Bench"
707 "Picture Frames"
708 "Sailboat Part 1"
709 "Sailboat Part 2"
710 "Gazebo Part 1"
711 "Gazebo Part 2"
712 "Quilt Racks"
713 "Chimney Cupboard"

Season 8 (1996)[edit]

Beginning this season, Norm Abram is added to the end credits.

# Title Notes Project Page
801 "Bedside Cupboard"
802 "Chestnut Coffee Table"
803 "Paymaster's Desk"
804 "Long Table"
805 "Double Dresser"
806 "Chestnut Desk"
807 "Irish Hutch"
808 "Wine Storage Unit"
809 "Three Turned Table Lamps"
810/811 "Garden Shed and Recycling Center"
812 "Nest of Drawers"
813 "Original Router Tables"

Season 9 (1997)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
901 "Planter's Desk"
902 "Turkey Table"
903 "Nantucket Settle"
904 "Tiger Maple Washstand"
905 "Dough Box"
906 "Garden Gate"
907 "Serving Trays"
908 "Carousel Table"
909 "Seven Drawer Chest"
910 "Hat Rack"
911/912 "Greenhouse"
913 "Fireplace Mantle"

Season 10 (1998)[edit]

Season 10 introduced a new episode numbering system. Previous seasons had been numbered in three digit format using the season number (1-9) as the first digit, and the episode number making up the last two digits. So, for example, the third episode of the 4th season would be episode number 403. Starting with this season, episodes numbers consisted of four digits with the first two digits representing the last two digits of the year in which the season first aired and the last two digits representing the episode number within that season. So, the fourth episode of the 10th season, having first aired in 1998, would be episode number 9804.

# Title Notes Project Page
9801 "Irish Table" January 4, 1998
9802 "Linen Press" January 12, 1998
9803 "Walnut Table" January 20, 1998
9804 "Library Ladder" February 1, 1998
9805 "Old Pine Bar" February 3, 1998
9806 "Morris Chair" February 10, 1998
9807 "Cupola" March 13, 1998
9808 "Mesquite Bookcase" April 6, 1998
9809 "Chop Saw Station" April 7, 1998
9810 "Whirligig" April 28, 1998
9811 "Chaise Lounge" May 25, 1998
9812/9813 "Roll Top Desk" September 21, 1998

Season 11 (1999)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
9901 "Kitchen Island" January 5, 1999
9902 "Kitchen Pantry" January 12, 1999
9903 "Kitchen Secretary" January 19, 1999
9904 "Old Pine Hutch" February 2, 1999
9905 "Teak Bar" February 23, 1999
9906 "Laundry Center" March 30, 1999
9907 "Bake Center" April 4, 1999
9908 "Table Saw Station" April 26, 1999
9909 "Classic Kitchen Cabinets" May 24, 1999
9910 "Sink Base" May 25, 1999
9911 "Press Cupboard" June 29, 1999
9912 "Chef's Table" July 31, 1999
9913 "Grill Cart" September 6, 1999

Season 12 (2000)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0001/0002 "Garage Workshop"
0003 "Planter Boxes and Bench"
0004 "Croquet Set and Bench"
0005 "Hanging Porch Swing"
0006 "Computer Desk"
0007 "Patio Trolley"
0008 "Desk Top Writing Case"
0009 "Outdoor Patio Table"
0010 "English Server"
0011 "Sharpening Station"
0012 "Jewelry Case"
0013 "Breakfront Cabinet"

Season 13 (2001)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0101/0102 "Jigs"
0103 "Hall Seat"
0104 "CD Storage Case"
0105 "Garden Armchair"
0106 "Workshop Hutch"
0107 "Outdoor Cupboard"
0108/0109 "Dressing Table"
0110 "Mailbox"
0111 "Bath Cupboard"
0112 "Monastery Table"
0113 "Barrister Bookcase"

Season 14 (2002)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0201/0202 "Miter Bench and Storage" January 20, 2002
0203 "Steamer Trunk" February 1, 2002
0204 "Adirondack Loveseat" March 16, 2002
0205 "Canopy Bed" March 15, 2002
0206 "Shaving Stand" March 26, 2002
0207 "Work Table and Clamp Cart" April 30, 2002
0208 "Pedestal Table" May 7, 2002
0209 "Four Drawer Chest" June 7, 2002
0210 "Wooden Bowls" June 21, 2002
0211 "Nightstand" June 28, 2002
0212 "Deck Chair" July 19, 2002
0213 "Stepback Cupboard" September 2, 2002

Season 15 (2003)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0301 "Deluxe Router Station" A new revision of the router station Abram built in a previous episode.
0302 "Sheep Shearing Coffee Table"
0303 "Queen Anne Table"
0304 "Cigar Chair"
0305 "Cigar Chair Part 2"
0306 "Beveled Glass Cupboard"
0307/0308 "Media Press"
0309 "Flagpole"
0310 "Regency Headboard"
0311 "Painted Corner Hutch"
0312 "French Side Table"
0313 "Wall Mounted Tool Chest"

Season 16 (2004)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0401 "The Butterfly Table"
0402 "The Folding Screen"
0403 "The Flower Stand"
0404 "The Shaker Bookcase"
0405 "The Tall Case Oak Clock"
0406 "The Dower Chest"
0407/0408 "The Windsor Chair"
0409 "The Lowboy"
0410 "The Pier Table"
0411 "The Dining Table"
0412 "The Mission Style Desk"
0413 "The Gardener's Dry Sink"

Season 17 (2005)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0501 "Hall Mirror"
0502 "Bermuda Bench/Table"
0503 "Ottoman"
0504 "Bermuda Chest"
0505 "Federal-Style Game Table"
0506 "Lathe 101" First in a series of tool-specific episodes that provide
instruction and techniques for using a particular shop tool.
0507 "Side Chair"
0508 "Tilt Top Table"
0509/0510 "Highboy"
0511 "Kitchen Island"
0512 "Carved Wooden Signs"
0513 "The Library System"

Season 18 (2006)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0601 "Colonial Style Mantel"
0602 "Plantation Shutters"
0603 "Workshop Helpers"
0604 "Poker Table"
0605 "New Yankee Shop Clock"
0606/0607 "Router 101" Continuation of a series of tool-specific episodes that provide
instruction and techniques for using a particular shop tool.
0608 "Corner Table"
0609 "Greek Revival Bookcase"
0610 "Storage Shed"
0611 "Wall Hung Console"
0612 "Corner Chair"
0613 "Wall Paneling"

Season 19 (2007)[edit]

# Title Notes Project Page
0701 "Giltwood Mirror"
0702 "Entrance Door"
0703 "Old Pine Dry Sink"
0704 "Martha's Candlestand"
0705 "Dominy Clock"
0706 "Cowboy Sideboard"
0707 "Painted Cupboard"
0708/0709 "Table Saw 101" Continuation of a series of tool-specific episodes that provide
instruction and techniques for using a particular shop tool.
0710 "Taunton Chest"
0711 "Bowfront Chest"
0712 "Nest of Tables"
0713 "Window Bench"

Season 20 (2008)[edit]

Season 20 varied slightly in format from previous seasons in that the first nine episodes were devoted to a single, larger project. This project involved a kitchen remodeling and focused on cabinet construction. The kitchen being remodeled belongs to Morash. Season 20 also represented the last season in which original projects were constructed for the show.

# Title Notes Project Page
0801/0802 "Kitchen Cabinet Basics"
0803 "The Hot Wall"
0804 "The Wet Wall"
0805 "The Pantry"
0806 "The Kitchen Office"
0807 "The Island"
0808 "The Wet Bar"
0809 "Finish and Install"
0810 "Adirondack Trio"
0811 "All-Weather Loveseat"
0812 "Lolling Chair"
0813 "Tap Table" Last original project built.

Season 21 (2009)[edit]

Season 21 stood out from other seasons in that it had approximately twice the number of episodes of any previous season. The season also varied from previous seasons in that no new projects were built. Instead each episode rebroadcast a project built in a previous season. All of the rebroadcast episodes were from either the ninth or tenth season. Each "new" episode consisted of the original episode prefaced by a newly recorded introduction by Abram.

# Title Notes
0901 "Planter's Desk" Original episode #901.
0902 "Turkey Table" Original episode #902.
0903 "Nantucket Settle" Original episode #903.
0904 "Tiger Maple Washstand" Original episode #904.
0905 "Dough Box" Original episode #905.
0906 "Garden Gate" Original episode #906.
0907 "Serving Trays" Original episode #907.
0908 "Carousel Table" Original episode #908.
0909 "Seven Drawer Chest" Original episode #909.
0910 "Hat Rack" Original episode #910.
0911/0912 "Greenhouse" Original episodes #911/#912.
0913 "Fireplace Mantle" Original episode #913.
0914 "Irish Table" Original episode #9801.
0915 "Linen Press" Original episode #9802.
0916 "Walnut Table" Original episode #9803.
0917 "Library Ladder" Original episode #9804.
0918 "Old Pine Bar" Original episode #9805.
0919 "Morris Chair" Original episode #9806.
0920 "Cupola" Original episode #9807.
0921 "Mesquite Bookcase" Original episode #9808.
0922 "Chop Saw Station" Original episode #9809.
0923 "Whirligig" Original episode #9810.
0924 "Chaise Lounge" Original episode #9811.
0925 "Roll Top Desk" Original episode #9812.


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