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New York Artist Series is an arts, entertainment, media and events company in New York City.[1]

New York Artist Series includes a record label, film company, management, gallery and events company. Producing over 100 events in the NYC area including fashion shows, concerts, art exhibits and film screenings.

New York Artist Series also runs an online editorial portal which covers art, music, fashion and film at[2]

The New York Artist Series most recently was to take over the former Limelight nightclub in NYC and turn it into a center for special events, filming, concerts and a whole series of New York Artist Series branded events including concerts, and a fashion week. One part of the building was to include an art gallery as well.[3][4] T

The New York Artist Series was created in January 2002 by Joe DiRosa, and is the first of the Artist Series companies which include the New York Artist Series, L.A. Artist Series,[5] and the Miami Artist Series.[6] There are also plans for a London, Paris and Tokyo Artist Series as well as an Artist Series TV cable channel.

As of December 28th, 2012 New York Artist Series is now part of Artist Series Inc. Artist Series Inc. was formed as a NY corporation to better represent the collective brands and plans for expansion.

Artist Series TV[edit]

On March 22nd, 2014 Bloomberg News reported that Artist Series Inc made a $350mm offer for FUSE TV. The new network is to be called Artist Series TV.[7] An extensive article was written on Yahoo by Joe DiRosa in September of 2013 on the problems with FUSE TV and why it should be rebranded as Artist Series TV.[8]


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