New York City Department of Finance

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Department of Finance
Agency overview
Jurisdiction The City of New York
Agency executive Jacques Jiha
Key document New York City Charter

The New York City Department of Finance (DOF) is the revenue service, taxation agency and recorder of deeds of the government of New York City.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

The Department's primary operational goals are:[2]

  • Ensuring compliance with the City's tax and revenue laws
  • Providing up-to-date information to residents and taxpayers
  • Valuation of real property in the city
  • Recording and maintaining property records
  • Providing business centers in each borough for the public to pay bills in-person or to dispute tax and parking issues


The Department is responsible for collection of parking fees from parking meters and parking violations,[3] administration and collection the City's business and excise taxes,[4] and assessment and collection of property taxes and maintaining tax maps and property records.[5]

The Department also conducts business tax audits and public auctions of seized property, manages the City's Court and Trust Funds (including bail refunds), investigates tax evasion cases, licenses wholesale cigarette vendors, and authorizes businesses to collect the New York City sales tax.[6]

Its regulations are compiled in title 19 of the New York City Rules.


  • Commissioner of Finance
    • Deputy Commissioner for Operations
      • Payment Operations
      • Adjudication
      • Land Records
      • Collections
      • Treasury Operations
    • Deputy Commissioner for Tax Policy and Planning
      • Tax Audit and Enforcement
      • Property Valuation
      • Tax Policy
    • Deputy Commissioner for Administration and Planning
      • Employee Services
      • Communications and Government Affairs
      • Budget and Financial Services
    • Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology
    • Deputy Commissioner and Sheriff
    • Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel

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