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The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is an independent 501(c)3 charity,[1] funded through government, foundation, corporate, and individual support, established in 1971.[2] The organization provides financial support, professional development, and online resources and services to individual artists and developing arts organizations, with a mission to 'empower artists in all disciplines at critical stages in their creative lives.' The organization has approximately 30 staff members, including executive director Michael L. Royce.[2]

NYFA's programs[edit]

NYFA supports artists nationally and internationally through a wide range of programs including its Artists Fellowships, which awards unrestricted $7,000 grants to artists made in 15 disciplines (5 disciplines a year on an triennial cycle). Artists who were supported early on in their careers by this Fellowship include: Spike Lee, Julie Taymor, Andres Serrano, Junot Diaz, and thousands of other notable visual artists, filmmakers, playwrights, sculptors, authors, architects, poets,[3] composers, and choreographers.[4]

Other programs include fiscal sponsorship,[5] founded in 1972 and one of the country's most respected programs of the type,[2] Building Up Infrastructure Levels for Dance (BUILD) grants, and the New York Theater Program.[6] NYFA also has a learning program[7] which includes the Boot Camp for Artists, and the Immigrant Artist Program,[8] which provides mentorship, exhibition opportunities, information, and resources to immigrant and first-generation artists working in New York City. In 2012, it administered an emergency grant for artists suffering under the effects of Hurricane Sandy.[9]

Its website is home to the nation's largest online database of ongoing grants, opportunities, and services for artists, NYFA Source,[10][clarification needed] as well as classifieds[11] listings for artist spaces, events, jobs in the arts, and opportunities.


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