New York Mahayana Temple

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Retreat Mahayana Temple
Denomination Pure land
Founded 1962
Founder(s) Mrs. Annie Ying
Address 710 Ira Vail Rd, Leeds, NY 12451
Country United States

Mahayana Temple (Chinese: 大乘寺; pinyin: Dàshèng Sì; Jyutping: Da4sing4 Zi6) is a Chinese Buddhist temple located within a forest in South Cairo, New York. It is the retreat of the Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America, Inc. (“ESBT”). The original retreat land was donated by James Ying. The downtown branch of the Mahayana Temple (aka Mahayana City Campus) is located in New York. The temple grounds in South Cairo contain the Grand Buddha Hall (with dormitories located in the wings and a dining hall located on the lower level), the Kuan Yin Hall, the 500 Arhat Hall, a six storied pagoda, and the newly completed Earth Store Bodhisattva Hall as well as a three-unit temple dedicated to the spirits of the land.

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