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Coordinates: 24°29′06″N 54°21′11″E / 24.485°N 54.353°E / 24.485; 54.353

New York University Abu Dhabi
New York University Abu Dhabi Crest.gif
Established 2010
Type Private
President John Sexton
Vice-Chancellor Alfred Bloom
Students 670 [1]
Location Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Campus Urban
Mascot Desert Falcons [2]

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is a degree-granting liberal arts and research university, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Together with New York University in New York City and New York University Shanghai, the portal campus is part of NYU's Global Network University. It opened in 2008 at a temporary site for conferences and cultural events. The academic program opened in September 2010 on the permanent campus built on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.[3][4]

History and background[edit]

In October 2007, New York University announced its intention to open a complete branch campus in Abu Dhabi, financed by the government of the United Arab Emirates.[5] The Abu Dhabi campus was planned by New York University, and the funding mainly came from the UAE government.[3]

The school was first opened in 2008 on a temporary site in downtown Abu Dhabi, where it held various public events such as academic conferences, workshops, and performances.[6] Alfred Bloom, former president of Swarthmore College, was appointed to lead NYU Abu Dhabi as vice chancellor in September 2008.[7] NYU Abu Dhabi accepted its first class of 150 students in September 2010.[3] As of 2010 the college offered liberal arts and science subjects, including engineering.[8]

New York University moved the Abu Dhabi campus to a new site in 2014 in the Marina district of Saadiyat Island. It was designed by Rafael Viñoly, an Uruguayan architect,[9] and built by Al-Futtaim Group Carillion.[10] NYU eventually plans to have 2,000 students at the campus.[3] The university plans to open a graduate school and to make the school a center for research.[8]

Campus and locations[edit]

19 Washington Square North[edit]

From its location in Greenwich Village, 19 Washington Square North (19 WSN) is the gateway to NYU Abu Dhabi at Washington Square. With a gross 11,400 square-foot, 19 WSN is the academic home for NYUAD students, faculty, and administrators who are living in New York as well as the connection center for the two campuses. Global Network Seminars link students in New York and Abu Dhabi for a shared educational experience. A classroom equipped with videoconference equipment is connected to a similar classroom in Abu Dhabi and enables joint seminars based on exchange and cooperation between NYU students on both campuses. 19 WSN has a media center, conference rooms, classrooms, gallery space, a lounge and office space for NYUAD Staff and Faculty.[11]

Saadiyat Island campus[edit]

A permanent campus is on Saadiyat Island within a planned cultural district for the city that will also house branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim Museum(s).[12] Architect Rafael Viñoly was named master planner for the campus, designing it to combine elements of NYU’s Greenwich Village environment and traditional Islamic villages.[13] Reports have been made since the beginning of the project of abuse of foreign construction workers at the site, including the arbitrary withholding of wages, unsafe working conditions and failure of the construction companies to pay recruitment fees to laborers. In December 2013, The Guardian wrote, in a multi-part report, that conditions for the foreign workers at the construction site for the campus amount to modern-day slavery.[14]


As a liberal arts college and research university, NYU Abu Dhabi offers 22 majors in the area of Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Science, Engineering and Mathematics. Undergraduate students graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree. As a prerequisite for graduation, students are required to take courses from the core curriculum, which encompasses topics in world literature, social studies, arts and natural science. Over their college years, undergraduates take three 3-week courses in January that count toward their graduation requirement. Students' education also includes a capstone project in their senior year, a project similar to a senior thesis. Additionally, students are encouraged to study up to two semesters at New York University's Global Network sites in Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague and Shanghai. The university further provides regional study trips within the United Arab Emirates and to countries in Africa, Middle East and Western Asia.[15]

Selected graduates of NYU Abu Dhabi will be offered special considerations to enroll at New York University's graduate professional schools and programs.[16]

In the future, the university will offer graduate and executive education programs. [17]


According to Inside Higher Ed, NYU Abu Dhabi is among the most selective undergraduate universities in the world.

For an overview of the admission profile, please visit the official NYUAD website for further information:

Student life[edit]

The university has a small and diverse student body, with a total student enrollment of about 670 in 2014. The first class (class of 2014) consisted of 148 students from 40 different countries. The class of 2015 is made up of 161 students from 60 different countries. The class of 2016 is made up of 151 students from 65 different countries. The number of applications to NYUAD has grown rapidly, with 15,520 individuals submitting dual NYUAD & NYUNY applications and 2,470 primary NYUAD applications.[18]

NYUAD has almost 40 student groups, providing a variety of opportunities for student involvement outside of the classroom. Student organizations include Abu Dhabi Culinary Society, ADvococy (humanitarian aid group), Alpha Kappa Psi (professional business fraternity), American Computing Machinery, The Art Guild, Astronomy Club, Catalyst (entrepreneurial business group), Cultural Ambassadors, Debate Society, Ecoherence (environmental concerns), Fishbowl Tribune, Global Medical Brigades, Headless Society (poetry and creative writing), NYUAD Sailing Club, Photography Club, and Tango Club.[19][20]


Notable members of the NYUAD faculty include:


With financing from its host Emirate, Abu Dhabi, NYUAD is able to offer financial aid on par with the top universities in America.[quantify] The university has committed to ensuring students and their families take on no debt in financing their education.[23] In order to commit to this principle the university practices need-blind admissions.[24]

The school offers two scholarships, the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program and the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships for Outstanding High School Students.[25] The purpose of both of these scholarships is community outreach.[25] The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program is intended for undergraduate students at institutes of higher education in the United Arab Emirates other than New York University Abu Dhabi. Recipients take academic courses and receive English training and leadership training. They also travel to the United States to see the university's New York campus.[25] The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships for Outstanding High School Students is intended for students in their 11th year at high school in the United Arab Emirates. These students receive lessons in the Abu Dhabi campus, in the subjects of English, mathematics, leadership and test preparation.[25]


NYU Abu Dhabi’s Athletics Department is in the process of developing fully-fledged athletics facilities on Saadiyat Island. In the interim, NYU Abu Dhabi’s Athletics Department relies on sporting venues in and of the city, such as the Officer’s Club, Al Muna Primary Schools local pool and field, Zayed Sports City, the Corniche and other available locations on an as necessary basis. The college currently offers Dragon Boating, Cricket, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Go-karting, Ice Skating, Ping-Pong, Capoeira, Wakeboarding, Volleyball, Scuba, Triathlon, Squash and Ultimate Frisbee. The college has also organised, occasionally through student-led organisations, other sporting events such as rock-climbing, kayaking, go-karting and horseback riding.[26][27]

In addition, whilst participating in several wider competitions, such as Duplays sporting leagues, the Wadi Bih run, the Dead2Red marathon, Tri-Yas and the Dubai Dragon Boating Association league. To date, NYUAD remains in the first position at Dragon Boating in the university division of the Dubai Dragon Boating Association.[28]

Other victories in athletic competitions have included premierships in Duplay’s Flag football league, victories over local universities in intramural Soccer matches, Ping-pong and Cricket, and placings in the Olympic-distance team division of the Yas-Tri.[29]


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