New York and Greenwood Lake Railway (1996)

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The NYGL GP16 locomotive moving freight along Monroe St. track in Garfield, NJ.

The New York and Greenwood Lake Railway (reporting mark NYGL) is a shortline railroad owned by Jim Wilson and based in Passaic, New Jersey. It operates primarily to service transfer station facilities for a few private companies, with a trans-load facility at its yard in Passaic. Cars run on NYGL's trackage, the former Erie Railroad Dundee spur, to interchange with the Norfolk Southern Railway on New Jersey Transit's Bergen County Line in Garfield.[1]

Former owner Conrail slated the Dundee spur to close in 1996, but customer Atlantic Coast Fibers protested. As a result, Conrail sold the line instead of legally abandoning it. The transfer facility also serviced Phill-Con Services' construction debris receiving facility. Phill-Con used the Greenwood shed as a waste transfer station for shipment to Alabama, from May, 2005 through early 2009. That station became unprofitable with the downturn in constructions and the opening of the nearby Kearny landfill in January, 2009, undercutting Phill-Con's disposal fees by $20 per ton.[2]

The shortline's name was taken from an earlier unrelated New York and Greenwood Lake Railway that merged into the Erie Railroad in 1943.[3][unreliable source?]


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