New Zealand's Rhema

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New Zealand's Rhema
Radio rhema logo.png
Broadcast area New Zealand
Branding New Zealand's Rhema
Frequency Various
First air date 1978
Format Christian music
Class Terrestrial/Internet
Owner Rhema Broadcasting Group
Webcast Listen Live

New Zealand's Rhema is an evangelical Christian talk and music radio network owned and operated by Rhema Broadcasting Group since 1978. The network currently features programmes from Aaron Ironside, Andrew Urquhart, Cathy Jenke, Luke Weston and Rosemary Jane.

Rhema, which takes its name from the Biblical word rhema, is the founding network of United Christian Broadcasters. It is the model for other UCB networks such as UCB Talk in the United Kingdom.

The initial programme/station manager, John McNeil, laid the groundwork for what became the network's relaxed talk and music format, in which a limited number of teaching programmes are intermingled with music, news and interviews. This is to differentiate the station from American Christian broadcasters, which were perceived to be "Bible-bashing" and culturally irrelevant.

Subsequently instead of constantly asking on air for donation, the network hosts the annual Rhemathon in which hosts, celebrities and special guests campaign for one-off donations and subscriptions to the financial supporter club.[1]

Rhema's broadcasting history[edit]

A temporary trial license was granted[by whom?] for one day in October 1975.

Rhema Wellington began broadcasting in 1982; the Member of Parliament for Ohariu, Hugh Templeton, officially opened the station with the words:

"Can we listen, and sense what they [Radio Rhema] have done, because we have a very clear demonstration of the power of God, and His work in our community. Radio Rhema has very great responsibilities... and represents in the community a Radio lifeguard."[2]

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