New Zealand Association for Research in Education

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New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) was established in December 1979 and its membership consists of individuals and organisations with an interest in educational research. The current president is Professor Colin Gibbs, Head of the School of Education at Auckland University of Technology.

National/international organisation[edit]

NZARE has established international links with the British Educational Research Association, American Association for Research in Education, the Canadian Society for the Study of Children, and Australian Educational Research Association.

NZARE organises annual conferences and seminars where national and international participants share research and engage debate.

NZARE's newsletter is Input (He Panui o Te Hunga Rangahau Maatauranga o Aotearoa in Māori).

NZARE has established caucuses to promote and serve the interests of Māori and students in education research. NZARE fosters excellence in research through a range of awards for:

  • post-graduate/doctoral theses
  • high quality research involving Māori
  • innovative group based research
  • individual achievements for developing educational innovations

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