New Zealand Division

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New Zealand Division
Active 1916–1919
Country  New Zealand
Allegiance British Crown
Branch New Zealand Army
Size Division
Part of I ANZAC Corps

First World War

Andrew Hamilton Russell

The New Zealand Division was a World War I infantry division formed in Egypt in January 1916 following the evacuation of Gallipoli. At the outbreak of war the New Zealand Expeditionary Force contained a single infantry brigade which was combined with the unattached Australian 4th Infantry Brigade to form the New Zealand and Australian Division which served at Gallipoli. By the end of 1915, New Zealand's contingent had expanded such that they could now field a complete division of their own. A second infantry brigade was formed from reinforcements currently in Egypt. A third infantry brigade, the "Rifle Brigade", had arrived complete from New Zealand. The New Zealand Division was originally attached to I Anzac Corps and departed for France in April 1916. Bright Williams, who would eventually become New Zealand's oldest living veteran of that war, fought with this division.

Unit history[edit]


  • 1st New Zealand Brigade
1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment
1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment
1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment
1st Battalion, Otago Regiment
1st New Zealand Trench Mortar Battery
  • 2nd New Zealand Brigade
2nd Battalion Wellington Regiment
2nd Battalion Canterbury Regiment
2nd Battalion Auckland Regiment
2nd Battalion Otago Regiment
2nd New Zealand Trench Mortar Battery
1st Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade
2nd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade
3rd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade
4th Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade
3rd New Zealand Trench Mortar Battery
3rd Battalion Wellington Regiment
3rd Battalion Canterbury Regiment
3rd Battalion Auckland Regiment
3rd Battalion Otago Regiment
4th New Zealand Trench Mortar Battery
  • Divisional Troops
Otago Mounted Rifles Regiment
New Zealand (Māori) Pioneer Battalion
New Zealand Machine Gun Battalion
749 Company
750 Company
751 Company
752 Company
1048 Company
  • Divisional Artillery
1st New Zealand Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (RFA)
2nd New Zealand Brigade, RFA until December 1916
3rd New Zealand Brigade, RFA
4th New Zealand (Howitzer) Bde, RFA until January 1917
New Zealand Divisional Ammunition Column
V. New Zealand Heavy Trench Mortar Battery RFA until February 1918
X. New Zealand Medium Mortar Battery RFA
Y. New Zealand Medium Mortar Battery RFA
Z. New Zealand Medium Mortar Battery RFA
1st New Zealand Field Company
2nd New Zealand Field Company
3rd New Zealand Field Company
4th New Zealand Field Company until February 1918
New Zealand Divisional Signals Company
1st New Zealand Field Ambulance
2nd New Zealand Field Ambulance
3rd New Zealand Field Ambulance
4th New Zealand Field Ambulance until February 1918

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1915–1919: Major General Andrew Russell


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