New Zealand Olympic Committee

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New Zealand Olympic Committee
New Zealand Olympic Committee logo
New Zealand Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  New Zealand
Code NZL
Created 1911
Recognized 1919
Headquarters Auckland
President Mike Stanley
Secretary General Kereyn Smith

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (before 1994, The New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association) is the body in New Zealand responsible for selecting athletes to represent New Zealand in the Summer and Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games.[1]

While a founder member of the International Olympic Committee, New Zealand did not send its own team to compete until the Games of the VI Olympiad (Antwerp 1920), though at the 1908 and 1912 Summer Olympics New Zealand and Australia competed as "Australasia". New Zealand has sent a team to every Summer Olympic Games since 1920, though only a token team of four went to the 1980 Summer Olympics at Moscow. New Zealand first competed at the Winter Olympics in 1952, but did not compete in the 1956 or 1964 Winter Olympics.

New Zealand has sent a team to every Commonwealth Games since the first in 1930, which was held in Canada and then called the British Empire Games. They are held every four years, in between the Olympic Games.[1]


The NZOC (New Zealand Olympic Committee) is a member of the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation.


The NZOC emblem consisting of a depiction of a silver fern (New Zealand's sporting emblem) superimposed on the Olympic Rings was created as a marketing symbol in 1979 (which was initially in all-white on a black background). It was first publicly used at an Olympic Games at the Games of the XXII Olympiad (Moscow 1980, in which observers thought that the fern was an olive branch of peace)—New Zealand competed under this flag to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It went to its current colored version in 1994.

The headquarters of the New Zealand Olympic Committee in Parnell, Auckland.

International Olympic Committee[edit]

The NZOC (New Zealand Olympic Committee) is the National Olympic Committee for New Zealand. The NZOC was founded in 1911 and recognized by the IOC in 1919. Former New Zealand members of the International Olympic Committee are:

Current International Olympic Committee members are:

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