Newberry Plaza

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Newberry Plaza
General information
Location 1030 N State St.
Coordinates 41°54′06″N 87°37′44″W / 41.9016°N 87.6289°W / 41.9016; -87.6289Coordinates: 41°54′06″N 87°37′44″W / 41.9016°N 87.6289°W / 41.9016; -87.6289
Completed 1974
Roof 553 ft (169 m)
Technical details
Floor count 56
Design and construction
Architect Gordon and Levin

Newberry Plaza is a 553-foot (169 m) skyscraper located in the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It was completed in 1974 and has 56 floors above ground. Gordon and Levin designed the building, which is the 56th tallest in Chicago. When it was completed it was the sixth-tallest all-residential skyscraper in the world. It is also the first highrise in the city to have townhomes built on top of a building's pedestal. The basement contains the original location of Morton's The Steakhouse.

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