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Basic information
Local authority Wellington City
North Paparangi, Woodridge, Grenada Village
East Wellington Harbour
South Ngauranga
West Johnsonville
Newlands, New Zealand is located in New Zealand Wellington
Newlands, New Zealand
Location of Newlands within Wellington

Newlands is one of the northern suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand. It lies approximately 8km north of the city centre and to the east of its nearest neighbour Johnsonville. It has a long history of early settlement and originally was farmed including being the early source of Wellington's milk. Newlands is located in a valley and covers two ridgelines, the side of one of which overlooks Wellington Harbour and up to the Hutt Valley. It is an area of regenerating native bush, has some excellent harbor views but as with many hillside suburbs in Wellington, many of the houses are exposed to either the cold southerly or the predominant north-westerly winds, or both, that Wellington is known for. However, as noted, this also allows for spectacular views and a good amount of sun.

Newlands has good access to Lower Hutt, the main motorway north to the Kapiti Coast, and to Wellington's CBD. It is the location of some new high-value housing subdivisions, has good shops, public transport and schools. Despite this it has one of the lowest average house valuations in Wellington. Newlands has recently (2013) had a revamped shopping centre with a new supermarket, and a new community centre. It is close to services and a mall located in its near neighbour Johnsonville. It is served by buses to and from the city, run by Newlands Coach ServicesMana Coach Services.

Newlands is home to Newlands College, a College of circa 1,000 students, Newlands Intermediate and Newlands Primary School, the local secondary, intermediate and primary schools, as well as Rewa Rewa Primary School and Bellevue Primary School.

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Coordinates: 41°13′26″S 174°49′23″E / 41.224°S 174.823°E / -41.224; 174.823