Newport, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

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Newport is a small unincorporated community located in Tuscarawas County at latitude 40.359 and longitude -81.343.

It is actually 3.1 miles South from the center of Uhrichsville, Ohio. The elevation is 873 feet above sea level, in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT -5). Observes Daylight Savings Time and is in the Uhrichsville, Ohio ZIP Code of 44683.

Today it is strictly a rural neighborhood with one church, the Newport Methodist Church.

Newport, Tuscarawas County, Ohio's Location
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Aerial View from Google Maps

The Following Article is from: The History of Tuscarawas County, Ohio:1884[1] Out of Copyright, and in the public domain!

Two miles south of Uhrichsville, nestling in the beautiful valley of Stillwater, lies the little village of Newport. It was laid out in 1833 by Philip Laffer and in the contest with Uhrichsville for precedence, it too was worsted. The land upon which it is located was entered by William Caples, he sold it to the proprietor of the town. The original plat embraced fifty five lots and the streets thereon appearing were Water, Second, Third and Fourth extending north and south and Main and Wood extending east and west.

James Tracy in 1875 made an addition of seventeen out-lots on Tracy street. William Caples resided in a dwelling house which stood upon the town site many years before the plat was surveyed. Philip Laffer kept the first store which contained however a very limited amount of merchandise. Eli Westhafer was the first Postmaster, He received the appointment many years after the village was founded and had not held it long when the rebellion commenced and soon after that event the office was given to Robert Caples who had it but a short time when it was abolished the name of this office was Brady The village was then without a post office until the spring of 1882 when Jacob Welch secured the establishment of Tracy Post Office here and became the Postmaster he was succeeded in about a year by Mrs Jane Beemer who now holds the appointment.

(In 1884) Newport has a population of about one hundred and fifty It contains two general stores two Blacksmith shops, one wagon shop, a good district school of two departments a church, a creamery, and two potteries. The first pottery was started by Andrew McChesney about 1843. Thomas Reed succeeded him he sold to Nelson Tracy whose son John B now operates it. The other was started about 1845 by Laban H. Warbs. Subsequent owners were Joseph Figley, Thomas Reed, Nelson Tracy, T.A. Packer and Lambright & Westhafer, the present proprietors. The potteries are operated about eight months in a year and each burns about two thousand gallons of stoneware per month. The creamery was started by Beemer & Ward in the spring of 1883, and soon after was sold to John Bukey who now operates, its Cream is purchased from the neighboring farmers for nearly as much as they would receive from the butter churned from it. The butter is then churned in a revolving barrel by steam power each morning, the proprietors depending chiefly for their profit on the greater market value of creamery butter.

The present Methodist Episcopal Church at Newport was erected about 1869 at a cost of $1,500 during the pastorate of Rev. J.W. Dennis. It is a commodious frame surmounted by cupola and bell. An old frame house of worship preceded it built about 1840. The class from which the present congregation sprang was organized before the town was laid out. Its earliest meetings were held at Wallace's house two miles distant up Stillwater. James Tracy, Capt. John Brady, Samuel Smith, Abijah Robinett, John Cahill and William Ross were early members. The present membership is about 150, the present minister Rev. J. Beetham.

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Book can be found at the Claymont Public Library in Uhrichsville, Ohio and The Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society in Dennison, Ohio.

Coordinates: 40°21′33″N 81°20′34″W / 40.35917°N 81.34278°W / 40.35917; -81.34278