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ca. 1811 windmill on Prescott Farm

The Newport Restoration Foundation was founded by Doris Duke in 1968 to Newport, Rhode Island to preserve early housing stock including 18th century Colonial homes. Historic building preservation was threatened by redevelopment. Individual houses were purchased and restored. Homes facing demolition due to road construction were moved.


Historical properties include Rough Point, Samuel Whitehorne House, Prescott Farm, Buloid-Perry House, King's Arms Tavern, Baptist Meetinghouse, and the The Cotton House. Seventy one buildings are rented to tenants. Only five are used for museum purposes. The Foundation preserved 27 colonial houses in Easton's Point (better known as "The Point") and 70 houses overall in Newport.

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Official Newport Restoration website


Newport Restoration Foundation 51 Touro Street Newport, RI 02840