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News 12 Traffic & Weather, formerly Called Metro Traffic & Weather, is a local traffic and weather channel seen on all Cablevision operating systems on Channel 61 in each of the 5 regions Cablevision serves. It is also seen in a small area of the Hudson Valley on Comcast. The channel has a staff of 5 part-time and several freelance traffic reporters and 2 meteorologists and is based in Woodbury, New York. The channel formerly had a full-time staff of 40 reporters and 10 meteorologists before a massive staff lay-off in Dec 2013 and a switch to semi-automation with live reports only given between 5am and 10am weekdays, unless extreme traffic/weather conditions prevail.

News 12 Traffic & Weather started out as News 12 Weather in the early 90s. It would air in the mornings on most Cablevision systems in place of Bravo/E! when they shared a channel on Cablevision Long Island cable systems. When Optimum TV launched in 1996, it got a full-time position on systems in Cablevision areas. In 1998, a traffic element was added to the channel and it was rebranded as MSG Metro Traffic & Weather as part of the MSG Metro Channels. It was the first solely traffic and weather channel in the tri-state area, and while local news networks and The Weather Channel offered weather news, the traffic component was the feature that made the network unique. In 2005, the channel joined the News 12 Networks and assumed its current name. It is the only surviving channel of the original MSG Metro Channels.

The weather component of the channel features radar, temperatures, information on tides and pollen counts, and a seven day forecast, all voiced by off-camera meteorologists.

The traffic portion of the channel includes maps with arrow flows fed by satellite information, and live traffic cameras, with the information voiced by off-camera traffic reporters.

There are five different channels (New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and Connecticut) that compose News 12 Traffic & Weather, covering the Tri-State Region. The reports for all 5 regions originate in the Woodbury, New York studios. The channel is live in the morning "drive" from 5a-10am Monday through Friday but airs 24/7/365 on semi-automation. Reports run every 15 minutes, and meteorologists are live, on average, every 3 hours. The radar and traffic cameras are live in every report.

The channels began broadcasting in HD in November 2012.

For most of the network's existence, the tag line, said after every traffic and weather update, has been, "Know Before You Go".


Current Part Time Traffic Reporters[edit]

  • Andre Ferro
  • Rebecca Meszaros
  • Russ Meyer
  • Ian Stark
  • Nettie Liburt

Freelance Traffic Reporters[edit]

  • Sue Aller
  • Mike Caliendo
  • Bill Edwards
  • Jen Gelber
  • Nikki Hesse


  • Jerry Manziello
  • Rich Von Ohlen

Internet Feeds[edit]

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  • New Jersey:

  • Long Island:

  • The Hudson Valley:

  • Connecticut: