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News 9 Now / News on 6 Now
News 9 Now logo.png
News on 6 Now logo.png
Launched December 3, 1996
(as News Now 53)
April 1, 2011 (relaunch; as
News 9 Now and News on 6 Now)
Owned by Griffin Communications
Picture format 480p (EDTV)
Country United States
Language American English
Broadcast area Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Tulsa, Oklahoma
Headquarters Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Formerly called News Now 53 (1996–2011)
Website (KWTV) (KOTV)
Oklahoma City KWTV-DT 9.2
Tulsa KOTV-DT 6.3
Cox Communications Channel 53
(both cities)

News 9 Now and News on 6 Now are digital broadcast television networks owned by Griffin Communications. The channels simulcast and rebroadcast local news programming seen on Griffin-owned CBS affiliates KWTV-DT (channel 9) in Oklahoma City and KOTV-DT (channel 6) in Tulsa, Oklahoma in their respective markets, along with select other programs. News 9 Now is broadcast on KWTV digital subchannel 9.2 in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, while News on 6 Now is broadcast on KWTV digital subchannel 9.2 in the Tulsa metropolitan area. The individual channels are carried Cox cable channel 53 in their respective markets.

The services were developed out of News Now 53, a regional cable news channel that operated from December 1996 to April 2011, which was operated by Cox Communications in conjunction with Griffin, and was carried on systems within Cox's Oklahoma service area.


News Now 53[edit]

The concept of the channel dates back to the August 1993 extension of an retransmission consent agreement made between KWTV and Oklahoma City area cable providers Cox Cable and Multimedia Cablevision to continue carriage of the station's signal; as part of the deal, KWTV announced that it would create a locally-originated cable channel providing news, sports and weather information for the two providers.[1]

News Now 53 first launched on December 3, 1996 in the Oklahoma City media market, airing KWTV's daily newscasts (both live airings and rebroadcasts) as well as occasional specials produced by the station's news department. In 2000, following KOTV's acquision by Griffin from the Belo Corporation, News Now 53 made its debut in Cox's Tulsa service area carrying live and replayed daily newscasts from KOTV.

Original "News Now 53" logo, used from 1996 to 2001.

Until the mid-2000s, News Now 53 carried live telecasts of KWTV – and later KOTV's newscasts – in the event that either station was unable to air its regularly scheduled evening newscasts due to sports telecasts from CBS Sports that run into that timeslot. In 2008, the channel underwent a graphical revamp, with a new logo and the creation of a new "L" bar (which was an expansion to the graphical display that featured only the current time and temperature as well as notifications regarding the newscast that was being rebroadcast at that time), displaying five-day forecasts for the respective markets, along with banner advertisements for Cox Communications and local area businesses. This "L" bar only appears during rebroadcasts of KWTV/KOTV newscasts and is removed for commercial breaks and live broadcasts – though technical errors occasionally result in the "L" bar display not appearing during some news rebroadcasts.

Relaunch as News 9 Now and News on 6 Now[edit]

On April 1, 2011, Griffin Communications took over the operations of News Now 53 from Cox Communications, and both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area feeds of News Now 53 were reformatted into two separate services: News 9 Now and News on 6 Now; along with the existing cable coverage, both feeds began to be broadcast over-the-air for the first time as multicast channels of KWTV and KOTV's digital signals, and allowed other cable providers in the state to carry the channel. In the Tulsa area, the launch of News on 6 Now on KOTV digital channel 6.3, resulted in the movie-oriented digital broadcast network This TV to be relocated to digital channel 19.2 of KOTV's CW-affiliated sister station KQCW-DT.[2]

The channels broadcast KOTV and KWTV's newscasts in 16:9 widescreen, as both KWTV and KOTV broadcast their newscasts in that format (both stations broadcast their news programming in high definition, with KOTV upgraded from enhanced definition to HD in January 2013,[3] although the two channels broadcast programming in downconverted 480i standard definition); however, news rebroadcasts on News 9 Now are shown in a stretched center cut 4:3 display.

On April 12, 2011, Cox restricted the channels to its digital service; this required customers in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets with analog-only cable service to rent a CableCARD or digital cable converter, or purchase a television set with a digital cable-ready QAM tuner to continue to receive News 9 Now and News on 6 Now programming.


With the relaunch of News Now 53 as two individually-branded services, plans originally called for KWTV and KOTV to use the channels to provide additional coverage during severe weather events; however in such cases, the channels instead take on the responsibility of broadcasting CBS network and syndicated programs normally seen on the main channel during extended breaking news and severe weather coverage.[2]

Although News 9 and News on 6 Now are intended to operate as news rebroadcast channels, the two services also carry a three-hour block of children's programs on Saturday mornings, in order to comply with Federal Communications Commission educational programming rules that require digital subchannels to carry additional educational programming, regardless of the subchannel's intended format. News 9 Now also broadcasts CBS This Morning Saturday in lieu of KWTV and Face the Nation in its entirety as KWTV does not broadcast the second half-hour of the program live from the CBS network feed (the first half-hour airs on Sunday mornings in tandem with News 9 Now's broadcast of the program, while KWTV's main channel airs the second half of the program on a tape delay on Sunday late nights).


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