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News Weekly
News Weekly October 2010.jpg
Cover of October 2010 issue
Editor John Ballantyne
Frequency Weekly
Publisher National Civic Council
First issue September 1943
Country Australia
Not to be confused with New Weekly.

News Weekly is an Australian current affairs magazine, published by the National Civic Council, with its main headquarters in Balwyn, Victoria.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

News Weekly was founded by B. A. Santamaria and first published in September 1943, under the name Freedom; it later changed its name to Australia's national news-weekly.[3] It changed its name to its current name in 1946–47.[4][5][5][6]

According to the Kempsey Library listing, News Weekly provides analysis of current cultural, social, political, educational, and economic trends in Australia, focusing on ethics.[7]

In 1955, it had a circulation of 30,000 copies.[8] The magazine's current editor is John Ballantyne.[9]


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