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This is a list of newspapers in Chile.

El Mercurio Corporation newspapers[edit]

El Mercurio Corporation is a holding company controlled in part by Agustín Edwards and his family.

National newspapers[edit]

Regional/city newspapers[edit]

COPESA newspapers[edit]

  • La Tercera [7]—The main national rival to El Mercurio, founded in 1950
  • La Cuarta [8]—A daily tabloid, written in popular language (slang hardly readable by non-Chileans); started in 1982
  • La Hora—Freely available newspaper; handed out at Metro station entrances

Other newspapers[edit]

Independent regional newspapers[edit]

Online newspapers[edit]

Defunct newspapers[edit]

  • Diario Siete - Investigative journal; closed down in 2006
  • Noreste - Poetic newspaper
  • La Época
  • Aurora de Chile - Chile's first daily, founded in 1812
  • Los Tiempos
  • The South Pacific Mail - English-language newspaper
  • Pichilemu (Pichilemu)
  • Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Gobierno

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