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For the accident in Scotland, see Newton (South Lanarkshire) rail accident.
Wreckage of Green Line car #3667 after the accident

The Newton, Massachusetts, train collision was a train crash that occurred on May 28, 2008, just after 6pm, when two westbound MBTA trains collided on the Green Line "D" Branch between Woodland and Waban stations, behind 56 Dorset Road in Newton, Massachusetts, United States.[1] The collision resulted in the death of the operator of the rear train, Terrese Edmonds, and the injuries of numerous others.[1] Fourteen passengers were taken to area hospitals; one was airlifted.[2]


Initially, error was blamed for the crash.[3] Later, the crash was blamed on Edmonds, who allegedly was using a cell phone while operating the train. After the NTSB investigated the accident it was found that cell phone use and/or distraction was not the cause of the accident, but an episode of micro-sleep caused by sleep apnea was likely the reason for the operator losing awareness of her environment.[4] Edmonds was a relatively inexperienced operator who had tried for several years to get the job and was happy to have received it. The qualifications for the job included a high school diploma, a valid driver's license, a background check, and seven weeks of training.[5]

Cell phone records indicated that Edmonds was not using her cell phone at the time of the incident.[4] NTSB investigators also found that the brakes had not been applied, and the tracks were not faulty.[6]


In 2009, the NTSB released its final report on the crash.[4] About a year later, another crash on the same route was blamed on an operator texting while driving.[7]

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