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Newton Lee
Born Hong Kong
Citizenship United States
Fields Computer Science
Information Science
Institutions AT&T Bell Laboratories
Institute for Defense Analyses
National University of Singapore
The Art Institutes
The Walt Disney Company
Woodbury University
Alma mater Virginia Tech
Vincennes University

Newton Lee is a computer scientist who coauthored Disney Stories, authored the Information Awareness series including Facebook Nation and Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity, and edited/coauthored the Digital Da Vinci series including Computers in Music and Computers in the Arts and Sciences. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Science, and he earned a perfect GPA from Vincennes University with an A.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and an honorary doctorate in Computer Science. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife.


Newton Lee is chief operating officer at Puzzle World Games,[1] curator of SpringerBriefs in Computer Science and Springer International Series on Applications and Trends in Computer Science,[2] and adjunct professor of Media Technology at Woodbury University School of Media, Culture & Design.[3] Previously, he was digital media manager for Finding Noah: The Search for Noah's Ark,[4] chief executive officer of Hollywood Lab and director of internship at the National University of Singapore,[5] senior producer and lead engineer at The Walt Disney Company,[6] founder of Disney Online Technology Forum, lecturer at The Art Institutes, research scientist at VTLS where he created the world's first annotated multimedia OPAC for the U.S. National Agricultural Library,[7] computer science and artificial intelligence researcher at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he created Bell Labs' first-ever commercial AI tool,[8] and research staff member at the Institute for Defense Analyses conducting military-standard Ada research[9] for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and AI research for a multi-agency joint project involving the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Security Agency (NSA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


Newton Lee is the founding president of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS)[10][11] dedicated to improving society by providing resources to high achieving students, scientific researchers, nonprofits, and educational organizations. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the ACM Computers in Entertainment (CIE) magazine, a nonprofit educational publication to promote research and development in all aspects of entertainment technology.[12][13] Published by the Association for Computing Machinery, the online magazine has garnered the support of more than 100 leading professionals and scholars representing major universities, Hollywood studios, and Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have won the Academy Awards, Emmys, and Grammys.[14][15][16][17][18][19] Previously, he was the founding president of the Los Angeles chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association,[20] and vice president of community development at the California Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Awards and honors[edit]

Newton Lee was the juror for the first-ever 2003 Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards.[21] He has served on various advisory boards at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, Digital Hollywood,[22] UCLA, USC,[23] Virginia Tech,[24] and other educational organizations worldwide.[25][26][27] He has been honored with a Michigan Leading Edge Technologies Award, two community development awards from the California Junior Chamber of Commerce, and four volunteer project leadership awards from The Walt Disney Company. For his out-of-the-box thinking, he was inducted into Bell Lab's secret "Royal Order of Maniacal Visionary Mavericks (ROM/VM)" in 1987.


Total Information Awareness Series[edit]

  • Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity: Total Information Awareness (Springer, April 2013)[28] ISBN 978-1-4614-7204-9
  • Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness (Springer, September 2012)[29] ISBN 978-1-4614-5307-9
  • Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness, 2nd Edition (with contributing coauthors Alex Houg, Emily Temple-Wood, and Dennis Yu) (Springer, forthcoming in 2014)

Getting to Digital Series[edit]

Digital Da Vinci Series[edit]

  • Computers in the Arts and Sciences (ed.) (Springer, July 2014) (with contributing coauthors Dennis Anderson, Keith Armstrong, Stephen Barrass, Nathan Cohen, Ben Cowley, Roman Danylak, Raffaella Folgieri, Marco Granato, Daniele Grechi, Claudio Lucchiari, Robert Niewiadomski, Mine Özkar, Gavin Sade, Diomidis Spinellis, and Mari Velonaki)[31] ISBN 978-1-4939-0964-3
  • Computers in Music (ed.) (Springer, April 2014) (with contributing coauthors Stephen Barrass, Tim Barrass, Juan Pablo Bello, Mattia G. Bergomi, Simone Castellani, Kai Ton Chau, Elaine Chew, Shlomo Dubnov, Alexandre R. J. Francois, M. Nyssim Lefford, Anton Nijholt, Mustafa Radha, Dennis Reidsma, Isaac Schankler, and Greg Surges)[32] ISBN 978-1-4939-0535-5


  • Machine Learning and Uncertain Reasoning (Academic Press, February 1990) (chapter author pp. 421-448)[33] ISBN 0-12-273252-9


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