Next Burmese general election

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Next Burmese general election
2010 ←
November or December 2015

75% seats to the House of Representatives
and 75% seats to the House of Nationalities
  TheinSeinASEAN.jpg Remise du Prix Sakharov à Aung San Suu Kyi Strasbourg 22 octobre 2013-18.jpg
Leader Thein Sein Aung San Suu Kyi
Leader since 2 June 2010 27 September 1988
Leader's seat Did not contest Kawhmu (Reps)
Last election 259 (Reps) 78.48%
129 (Nats) 76.79%
Current seats 212 (Reps)
124 (Nats)
37 (Reps)
4 (Nats)

Incumbent President

Thein Sein

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The Next Burma general election is due to take place in November or December 2015.[1] It will see voting take place in all the constituencies of Burma (Myanmar) excluding seats appointed by the Military, in order to appoint Members of Assembly to seats in the House of Nationalities, the upper house and House of Representatives, the lower house of the Assembly of the Union.


The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party have started rolling out strategies for their campaign. The USDP have confirmed it will contest its winning constituencies from 2010.[2] The opposition National League for Democracy party confirmed that it will contest even if a constitutional measure barring Aung San Suu Kyi from running for president is not amended.[3]

National Unity Party confirmed it was also reviewing its winning seats from 2010 and was considering other constituencies to challenge. The National Democratic Force said the party is prepared to challenge in up to 200 constituencies, but was yet to determine its candidates. Ethnic political groups will contest in each state based on ethnic party strongholds, although some have indicated they would consider forming an alliance as the Federal Union Party.

The 2014 Burmese by-elections are expected to indicate the relative strengths of the contending parties before 2015 general election.[4]

As of December 2013, 63 political parties are registered to take part in 2015.[2]

Possible candidates[edit]

President Thein Sein will probably step aside when his term ends following elections in 2015. Shwe Mann, the former No. 3 in the junta who is now speaker of House of Representatives, is the most likely figure to take the mantle from Thein Sein.[5] Aung San Suu Kyi has reiterated her desire to become Burma's next president but constitutional changes needed to take place before she would be allowed to run.[6]


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