French presidential election, 2017

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Next French presidential election
2012 ←
April and May 2017 (presumptive)
→ 2022

Incumbent President

François Hollande

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The Next French presidential election is scheduled to be held in April and May 2017. However, it might be held earlier under exceptional circumstances (resignation or death of the President).


Candidate Party Status Description
François Hollande PS Likely The incumbent president and likely to run for his second and final term. But due to his unpopularity, it is said that he is no more the "natural candidat" of Socialist Party if he wants to run.[1]
Marine Le Pen FN Likely National Front leader Marine Le Pen is almost certain to be a candidate.[2]
Xavier Bertrand UMP Announced MP and former minister of Health and Labour. On September 16, 2012, he became the first to officially announce his candidacy for President.[3]
François Fillon UMP Announced Former Prime Minister under Sarkozy's presidency. On May 9, 2013, he announced his candidacy for President from Japan.[4]
Manuel Valls PS Potential Incumbent Prime Minister and former candidat for PS nomination for President in 2012
Martine Aubry PS Potential Mayor of Lille, former PS First Secretary and former Hollande's opponent for Socialist nomination for President
Ségolène Royal PS Potential Minister for Ecology, former PS nominee for President in 2007 and former candidat for PS nomination for President in 2012
Arnaud Montebourg PS Potential Minister of Economy[5] and former candidat for PS nomination for President in 2012
Nicolas Sarkozy UMP Potential Former President of the Republic, 2007-2012. He may seek a rematch against Hollande in 2017.[6]
Jean-François Copé UMP Potential General Secretary of UMP and Fmr. Minister. He states that he would withdraw if Nicolas Sarkozy is a candidate.[7]
Alain Juppé UMP Announced Former Primer Minister under Jacques Chirac's presidency and former UMP President
Jean-Luc Mélenchon PG Potential Left Front presidential nominee in 2012 and co-president of Left Party
Pierre Laurent PCF Potential National Secretary of French Communist Party
Andre Chassaigne PCF Potential President of Left Front in National Assembly
Eliane Assassi PCF Potential President of Left Front in Senate

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