Libyan House of Representatives election, 2014

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House of Representatives elections were held in Libya on 25 June 2014.[1]


A General National Congress was elected in July 2012, with the original responsibility of forming a constituent assembly to write the constitution; however, the National Transitional Council decided that Libyans will instead directly elect the constituent assembly.[2] The General National Congress came to agreement on 10 April 2013 that constituent assembly members will be elected;[3] the election for most of the constituent assembly took place on 20 February 2014.[4] The new legislature will allocate 30 seats for women, will have 200 seats overall (with individuals able to run as members of political parties) and allows Libyans of foreign nationalities to run for office.[5]

Electoral system[edit]

The 200 seats were elected in by three different methods. Forty seats were elected by first-past-the-post in single-member constituencies, eighty were elected by single non-transferable vote in 29 multi-member constituencies, and the remaining eighty were elected by proportional representation.[6] A total of 32 seats were reserved for women.[7]


I didn't bother to register this time around, and that should tell you everything. My friends were killed in the revolution, we paid in blood for this democracy, but what was the result of the [previous] election? Candidates make big promises, but when they get the power, nothing.[8]

—Mohammed Abu Baker, 21-year-old student

The turnout was 18%,[9] down from 60% in the first post-Gaddafi election of July 2012.[10] Barely a third of Libya's 3.4m eligible voters had registered for the country's Constitutional Assembly election in February that year.[11] "Declining enthusiasm reflects growing disgust with the authorities' failure to govern," said The Economist.[11]


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