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This article is about the Australian company. For other uses, see NextMedia (disambiguation).

Nextmedia Pty Ltd (styled as nextmedia) is an Australian media company founded in 2007 and owned by Wolseley Private Equity. Situated in St Leonards, Next Media publishes Hyper, PC PowerPlay and a host of other youth, technology and entertainment related titles. The company was established in 2007 after acquiring a number of publishers.

Publishers acquired by nextmedia[edit]


  • Aero Australia
  • Artist Profile
  • Australian Guitar
  • Australian Hi-Fi
  • Australian Muscle Car
  • Bluewater
  • Blunt
  • Camera
  • G
  • Geare
  • Girl Power
  • Golf Australia
  • HiFi
  • Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Living
  • Hyper
  • InCar Entertainment
  • Inside Sport
  • Little Angel
  • Mad
  • Mad Classics
  • Mania
  • Motor Racing Australia
  • Old Bike
  • PC PowerPlay
  • ProPhoto
  • Soap World
  • Smart Home Ideas
  • Tracks
  • TV Soap
  • The Wiggles
  • V8 Supercars and V8 Bathurst
  • Waves

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