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This article is about the Australian company. For other uses, see NextMedia (disambiguation).

nextmedia Pty Limited (styled as nextmedia) is an Australian company which is headquartered in Sydney and owned by The Forum Media Group a German based B2B and B2C publisher. nextmedia has been managed by CEO, David Gardiner and Commercial Director, Bruce Duncan since 2008.

nextmedia is the #1 special interest digital and print media publisher and has become the fourth largest magazine publishing group in Australia. nextmedia was established in 2008 as a new entrant to the special interest publishing sector.

The successful acquisition of the businesses of Horwitz Publications, Bluewater Publishing, Chevron Publishing and Next Publishing. This now brings together a group of over 40 magazines plus a range of websites, digital properties, DVD’s, programmes, books and events. nextmedia is a leading Australian magazine publishing business focusing on providing passionate communities with the information they seek. nextmedia is unique and innovative and understands its readers and creates carefully targeted content to inspire, inform and engage readers in their passions.

Publishers acquired by nextmedia[edit]


  • Aero Australia
  • Artist Profile
  • Australian Guitar
  • Australian Hi-Fi
  • Australian Muscle Car
  • Barra, Bass & Bream
  • Bluewater
  • Blunt
  • Camera
  • Geare
  • Girl Power
  • Golf Australia
  • Healthy Food Guide
  • Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Living
  • Hyper
  • InCar Entertainment
  • Inside Sport
  • Inside Cricket
  • Little Angel
  • Mad
  • Mad Classics
  • Mania
  • Motor Racing Australia
  • Old Bike
  • PC PowerPlay
  • ProPhoto
  • Soap World
  • Smart Home Ideas
  • Tracks
  • TV Soap
  • V8 Supercars and V8 Bathurst
  • Yen


  • CRN
  • IT News
  • Green Lifestyle
  • MyMagazines

Out of print magazines[edit]

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